Top 10 Manhwa Similar To Solo Leveling

With the ending of one of the most amazing manhwa out there, fans are really upset with it. Recently, it was revealed that Solo Leveling ended with the last chapter, which was chapter 179. Just to fill the empty space of Solo Leveling in the fans, here we are back with another listicle article and in this post, we are going to put the rundown of Top 10 Manhwa Similar To Solo Leveling. So, without any further delay, let’s get started:-


Top 10 Manhwa Similar To Solo Leveling

10. Warble

On the 10th we have this very amazing Manhwa series known as Warble which is very similar to Solo Leveling. Now if we talk about series:-Humans will be extinct in the future. As a last-ditch attempt before being decimated, they sent their strongest hero back in time to prevent the 7 Great Disasters from occurring. However, the hero was assassinated owing to unforeseeable events that were not expected to occur. Humanity believed it was the end of their story. She did, however, leave a seed of hope behind. One application, however, was overlooked. ‘Warble,’ a program that allows you to enter the underworld. The future of humanity can be influenced if you click on that application! [‘You’, have accessed the underworld.] That’s what the rest of the world was saying.

Warble Similar To Solo Leveling

9. The Legend Of The Northern Blade

The heroic warriors of the Northern Heavenly Sect have struggled for decades to protect the earth from the wicked Silent Night. However, when the sect’s fourth-generation leader is suspected of conspiring with the enemy, he is compelled to dismantle the cult and commit suicide in order to protect his son, Moowon. This series is very much similar to Solo Leveling manhwa.

The Legend Of the northern blade

7. The Live

Here comes another Manhwa which is like Solo Leveling manhwa. The title of the series is “The Live”. This series is about a fantasy where a guy can complete his wish. Yun-jae Kim lost his wife and daughter in a vehicle accident half a year ago, and he continues to live in sadness every day. His diary mysteriously vanishes one evening, leaving behind an alarming message: “you can see them again.” ‘ The ‘Holy Grail’ is awarded to those who successfully complete the ‘game’ of ‘The World of the Backside,’ and it is stated that by using it, you will be reunited with your long-lost relatives… Yun-jae becomes the only one who knows the future is a terrible world where only the strongest survive. Will he be able to make his wishes come true?

The Live Manhwa Similar To Solo Leveling

6. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

The officials describe this series as:- “Known as Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Ethan is the #1 player of the world’s biggest game, Lucid Adventure. But when a mysterious player kills Ethan and forces his character back to level 1, he will do anything to get back on top. New friends and old foes, as well as mysterious forces and his own dark past, will follow him as he does his best to take back what was once his.”

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

5. Solo Bug Player

This series is a little bit similar to Solo Leveling Manhwa as well as Sword Art Online. In this series- Taepung Shin knows his favorite MMO video game Paradiso inside and out like the back of his hand! His gaming experiences, however, come to a sudden stop following his tragic demise. But since he’s resurrected as Jared, a delinquent lord of a frigid province… in Paradiso!, this isn’t his final hurrah! Now he must confront the world he adored and use all of the flaws he is aware of in order to transform himself into the protagonist of his new solo adventure!

Solo Bug Player Manhwa

4. The Beginning After The End

This is an action-adventure series that is very similar to Solo Leveling. After King Grey’s unexpected and unexplained death, The Beginning After The End chronicles his life. In the vivid new continent of Dicathen, a place of magic and exotic animals, he attempts to repair his previous misdeeds as Arthur Leywin. Arthur navigates his new existence as the magic-wielding kid of two retired adventurers with the wisdom of a mighty monarch in his mid-thirties, finding meaning in each of his experiences—something he lacked in his prior life. Arthur vows to live a true, compassionate, and fearless life with people he loves when a kind dragon sacrifices her life to defend him.

The Beginning After The End Manhwa


3. Versatile Mage

As per the officials:- His high school now teaches magic, and students are encouraged to try and become accomplished magicians. … However, Mo Fan discovers that the vast majority of magicians can only harness one element of magic. As luck would have it, however, he is an exception—a versatile mage! This series includes magic and magic was one of the major aspects of Solo Leveling Manhwa.

Versatile Mage Similar To Solo Leveling

2. I Am the Sorcerer King

This story is about finding a true self. I Am the Sorcerer King is very much similar to Solo Leveling because in the series, our protagonist managed to find his true strength. If we talk about synopsis:-

Sunghoon Lee is a victim of a changing world, a helpless man in a realm overrun by animals and magic. Monsters from another world have invaded Earth, bringing with them a disease that has put Sunghoon’s mother to sleep for the rest of her life. He took a perilous job as bait for powerful superhumans known as Awakeners who hunt monsters to pay for her hospital fees. However, as he was on the verge of death, the vision of his previous existence flashed in his memory. There he discovered the truth: he is the Sorcerer King’s reincarnation!

I Am the Sorcerer King Similar to solo leveling

1. Second Life Ranker

The officials describe this series:- “Second Life Ranker Yeon-woo’s twin brother disappeared five years ago, only for his pocket watch to suddenly fall into Yeon-woo’s hands. Inside, Yeon-woo found a hidden diary. “By the time you hear this, I guess I will already be dead…”. For those who don’t know about this series, let us make it very clear that Second Life Ranker is very much popular manhwa. On the other hand, fans really compare this manhwa with Solo Leveling. Second Life Ranker deserves to be at the top of the list of Manhwa Similar To Solo Leveling.

Second Life Ranker Similar To Solo Leveling Manhwa