Top 10 Upcoming Anime Series In 2024

What are the top 10 Upcoming Anime Series In 2024? One month has passed by, and we have got some wholesome anime on our hands. Every one of us was waiting for Attack on Titan Final Arc. It is here. Apart from that, what kind of anime is coming out? If you are wondering about these kinds of questions as well- don’t worry, we have got your back.

With the Jump Festa 2024, we have got our hands full. We were promised some of the very best. These are some of the best anime from the list that might interest you as well. A lot of our childhood loves are returning with their new arcs. In a sentence- 2024 will be a great year for all anime fans.


Top 10 Upcoming Anime Series In 2024

1. Chainsaw Man

Another new anime on this list of Top 10 Upcoming Anime Series In 2024, Chainsaw Manga is the new love of anime fans.

Denji’s a poor young man who’ll do anything for money, even hunting down devils with his pet devil-dog Pochita. He’s a simple man with simple dreams, drowning under a mountain of debt. But his sad life gets turned upside down one day when he’s betrayed by someone he trusts. Now with the power of a devil inside him, Denji’s become a whole new man — Chainsaw Man!

Makima stans unite! We will be getting this anime soon in 2024.


SPY X FAMILY will be a new one in the list of Top 10 Upcoming Anime Series In 2024. The manga has recently created a lot of hype, and now the anime adaptation is here for you all.

“Not one to depend on others, Twilight has his work cut out for him procuring both a wife and a child for his mission to infiltrate an elite private school. What he doesn’t know is that the wife he’s chosen is an assassin and the child he’s adopted is a telepath!”

The official release date will be in April 2024. Crunchyroll will be airing this new anime. Fans are excited to see the new generation of anime.

3. Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc

Among the Top 10 Upcoming Anime Series In 2024 is Bleach. Bleach has been our favorite growing up. One of the Big Three- Bleach brings out a tinge of nostalgia in us.

When Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc was announced, old fans were overjoyed. Most of us have seen Bleach over and over again, and are now looking forward to the new developments. And, it is going to be a good ride.

It follows what happens when the Shinigami of Soul Society and the Wandenreich, a group of Quincy led by Yhwach, come head to head after the latter makes a declaration of war which ominously goes as follows: ‘Five days from now, the Soul Society will be annihilated by the Wandenreich.’ History which has been kept secret for generations will be unveiled and Ichigo and the Shinigami’s final battle will begin.

The official release date is still on hold, but it is said October 2024 will be the official month of release.

4. Blue Lock

After reflecting on the current state of Japanese soccer, the Japanese Football Association decides to hire the enigmatic and eccentric coach Jinpachi Ego to achieve their dream of winning the World Cup. Believing that Japan has lacked an egoistic striker hungry for goals, Jinpachi initiates the Blue Lock—a prison-like facility where three hundred talented strikers from high schools all over Japan are isolated and pitted against each other. The sole survivor of Blue Lock will earn the right to become the national team’s striker, and those who are defeated shall be banned from joining the team forever.

Here we have on our hands a sports anime. Releasing in 2024, everyone cannot wait to get their hands on this latest sports anime.

5. Uzumaki

Most of the horror fans are screaming their hearts out for this latest anime adaptation. Junji Ito- one of the best delights for horror fans has another anime coming up again. This time it is a manga named Uzumaki. Let’s have a look at the synopsis.

Uzumaki in 2024

In the town of Kurouzu-cho, Kirie Goshima lives a fairly normal life with her family. As she walks to the train station one day to meet her boyfriend, Shuuichi Saito, she sees his father staring at a snail shell in an alley. Thinking nothing of it, she mentions the incident to Shuuichi, who says that his father has been acting weird lately. Shuuichi reveals his rising desire to leave the town with Kirie, saying that the town is infected with spirals.

This has to be in our list of Top 10 Upcoming Anime Series In 2024.

6. Made in Abyss Season 2

In this list of Top 10 Upcoming Anime Series In 2024, we have to name Made in Abyss Season 2. The last time we saw this anime was when season 1 aired back in 2017. And, now it is back with the recent season 2.

This immersive fantasy series is set in a world where a strange series of deep pits and tunnels run under the surface of the land. Known as the Abyss. We are not yet sure about the release date, but it is supposed to be n 2024 itself.

7. Kakegurui Twin

Your favorite gambling anime is making a return once again this year. And, we are here for it. Next in our list of Top 10 Upcoming Anime Series In 2024, we have Kakegurui Twin for you. Are you excited to see the old characters returning?

8. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie will be a big release. Millions of Dragon Ball fans all over the world are waiting for this one eagerly. A Twitter user wrote down the synopsis as

“GOKU HAS DEFEATED The Red Ribbon Army IN the past. BUT, IT IS BACK WITH Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 AS IT’S HEAD. ADDRESSING THEMSELVES AS ‘superheroes’, THEY ARE attackING Piccolo, Gohan, and otheRS. What DOES THE ‘new Red Ribbon Army’ WANT? DANGER IS LOOMING. now is the time FOR THE SUPERHERO to wake up!”

Dragon Ball Super In 2024

Japan will see the official release on April 22, 2024. Worldwide release is not announced as of yet.

9. Tiger And Bunny Season 2

When was the last time we even heard the name of Tiger and Bunny? Yes, this used to be one of the most favorite shows growing up. And, hereafter 11 years- it is back again. And, yes this time we are getting a season 2 of Tiger and Bunny.

Tiger And Bunny Season 2 In 2024

We are not sure about the release date as of yet, but we know it is coming soon.

10. Attack on Titan Final Arc

The list is incomplete without Attack on Titan Final Arc in our Top 10 Upcoming Anime Series In 2024. However, if you are yet to watch this masterpiece- we recommend getting into it sooner. Trust us- you are missing out.

Attack On Titan in 2024

Final Verdict: Anime Recommendations To Watch In 2024

These are some of the Top 10 Upcoming Anime Series In 2024. The list extends with some other anime as well. But it needs attention. What are the Top 10 Upcoming Anime Series In 2024 according to you? Let us know in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more such anime and manga-related posts.

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