Top 3 Anime; Manga Characters With Tragic Backstories
Top 3 Anime; Manga Characters With Tragic Backstories

Intense childhoods and shocking characters are a staple in the realm of anime. It is so essential in a season that it is hard to track down an anime without Anime & Manga Characters.

You’ll discover Anime & Manga Characters who experience the ill effects of various types of misuse, war, and pretty much every other conceivable issue that may come upon an individual. Each individual adapts up to their pity in unexpected manners in comparison to other people.

The universe of anime is continually developing and improving, so we see different characters in them. Awful backstories consistently give an extra to certain anime characters to make their characters more grounded and better than others.

Some accomplish cheerful closures while others pass on a shocking demise. Anime like One Piece incorporates a few anime characters with tragic pasts.

Indeed, even probably the most entertaining anime characters have a staggering past than no other. Here, we will investigate the eight anime characters with disastrous, appalling pasts.


1. Future Trunks – Dragon Ball Z

In contrast to the Trunks in this time, Future Trunks experienced childhood in a prophetically catastrophic world. His dad, Vegeta, passed on soon after his introduction to the world, so Trunks grew up with Bulma.

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After the Frieza Saga, Trunks gambled everything to time travel three years before the android’s appearance to caution the Z contenders. In Trunks’ timetable, Androids 17 and 18 decimated everything and killed nearly everybody.

Then again, Goku kicked the bucket because of a heart infection, and since his demise was characteristic, he was unable to be restored utilizing the Dragon Balls. The Androids demolished all that they saw, and as they became exhausted from executing frail individuals, they looked for more rush and slaughtered Vegeta.

2. Zeref Dragneel – Fairy Tail

Considered the evilest Black Mage ever, Zeref is the fundamental opponent in the arrangement. Four hundred years before the anime occasions, Zeref was a virtuoso researcher mage understudy who lost his family during the winged serpents’ attack.

From that point forward, Zeref acquired everlasting status and a steadily enduring energetic appearance. Not just that, he will murder anybody inside short proximity as a dark influx of wizardry power floods from him all of a sudden.

Because of the revile, the more love he feels for other people, the more life he will take, so he began living in disconnection. Three hundred years after his revile, he experiences Mavis and her companions, whom he instructed sorcery. Mavis winds up projecting an inadequate spell, which brings about her having a similar revile as him.

3. Itachi Uchiha – Naruto Shippuden

Itachi is perhaps the most-cherished anime character who had a shocking past. He was Sasuke Uchiha’s sibling and the oldest child of the faction chief. Without any assistance, he butchered the Uchiha group in one evening and joined the fear monger association “Akatsuki.”

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Itachi guaranteed that he killed everybody, including his folks, to test the restrictions of his capacity. He was an S-rank worldwide criminal representing a danger to each town. Since youth, Sasuke was fixated on avenging his family and executing Itachi.

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