When I was a kid, I used to play Pokemon TCG just for fun and childish excitement. But, as I grew a connection with Ash Ketchum and his friends, I began focusing more on collecting the cards. And if you’ve stumbled upon this article, I’m pretty sure you’re doing the same thing.

So, which cards should you collect?

In this article, I have talked about some of the trading cards that I consider to be the strongest and perfect for your collection. There’ll also be some information about the set where you can find the card. So, let’s not chit-chat anymore and get started with it.


Best Cards to Collect in Pokemon


Some of the best cards in the pokémon trading card game, which are both well-designed and powerful, are as follows –

1. Mega Gengar EX

Whether it’s the aesthetic of the card or the smile of Gengar, Mega Gengar EX is a must-have card for whatever deck you’re building. It has an attack known as ‘Phantom Gate’ that allows you to choose a card of your opponent and play it against them.

And you can do such damage for only one Psychic energy card – that’s all.

Mega Gengar EX can be pretty deadly for someone who has an overpowered Pokemon, like a Shadow Lugia or Mega Mewtwo X. Both of them have a high damage potential. Hence, using them against your opponent will certainly be an end-game move.

Card Set – Phantom Forces.

2. Shadow Lugia


Lugia is a Psychic-Flying type legendary Pokemon that appears in a spin-off game known as Pokemon XD. Cutting to the chase – it’s the most powerful card available in Pokemon TCG.

It has an attack (known as Shadow Storm) that deals 1,000 damage to a Pokemon as long as it has four Psychic energy cards. The HP of the card (300) is also quite hefty. So, even if it is the only card you have on the field, it can still last for quite a few rounds.

Card Set – Promotional Card.

3. Mega Charizard X EX

Charizard has been an excellent prospect since the beginning of the show. And with this card, the overall popularity of the Pokemon has increased even more.

Apart from the exquisite look of the card, it also has an attack called Wild Blaze that can deal 300 damage directly. And if your opponent wants to negate it, they must discard five cards.

Yes, the HP of the card isn’t higher than Lugia, but at 230 points, it can stay on the battlefield for quite some time. I didn’t find any apparent weaknesses of the Pokemon either.

Card Set – Normal Pack.

4. Mega Ampharos EX


The only Electric pokemon on our list, Mega Ampharos EX, has an attack known as Extravolt. It’s quite potent in general and can add 50 more than to the card’s basic attack of 120.

Yes, it will deal 30 damage to the Pokemon itself. However, it has 220 HP, so it’ll surely be able to take a hit or two from your opponent even after that.

Card Set – Ancient Origins.

5. Mega Mewtwo EX


Mewtwo is hands down the best card in the game available now. It has 10+ Psychic Infinity. It, in turn, allows it to perform 30 more damage with regards to the amount of energy that has been attached to it and the opponent Pokemon.

The best thing? Even if your opponent prompts some sort of weakness on it, it still will not be affected by it. As long as you have enough energy cards, you can easily win the game.

The Bottom Line

So, are you happy with the list? Or do you want to add something that I had forgotten? Well, in that case, don’t forget to let me know all about it in the comment section below!