Pokemon Go Bonus Kanto

Pokemon Go Bonus Kanto, trainers might have encountered Kanto in the event on Pokemon Go. Who remembers that event with a lot of fun for the trainers. But, some of them lost the fun who skipped or missed the Kanto due to bugs. Many of these glitches involved in raids are not working properly or new friends are not showing up for some trainers during raids.

Leaving the bugs aside, it is a successful event for all. The reseason behind the bonus event is because of a huge glitch that some of the trainers receiving in the game.


What is the Glitch? 

This glitch cannot be considered a harmful one but a useful glitch for all. As this one helping many trainers to save their money. This results in saving almost 12$ but this one purely depends on the luck. You might have this glitch or not, No one is sure of that.

This glitch allows the trainer who didn’t purchase the Kanto tickets. But they will receive the contents of the tickets. This is still unclear whether is this accessible to everyone or only to some members who didn’t purchase this ticket.

Though players who are able to complete Field research during the event will get to keep the research. Niantic comments that they will not remove the glitch from those who were able to receive it.

Pokemon Go Bonus Kanto

Who will Gain or Who will Lose this Pokemon Go Bonus Kanto?

Niantic is trying to make this fair for everyone. They are trying to make several trainers who lose out from this Bonus event. Those trainers are the ones who didn’t get the shiny Mew in the field research. Because while making the game they stated that the catch rate of the shiny pokemon is 100%.

Now it is hard to say that how many people got this ticket and pokemon. We can trust that everyone who properly purchased a ticket was able to do it with very few bugs. But the bugs and glitches in the raids are not working properly or new friends are not showing up. However, some of the trainers lost out in this event too.

They are losing because they bought the ticket to get shiny Mew in the field research. Making unfair advantage for those who have this ticket. As these trainers spent their 12$ on the ticket while other trainers got it for free.

Pokemon Go Bonus Kanto

About The Event 

There is nothing huge or big to consider this Bonus event. Regular events from this game are very good. This bonus event seems to be unfair by making only the trainers with the Kanto tickets can do this event.

If you participated in the event you will get the following items. Starting from the 5th of March and ending on April 5th. So, you will have a whole month to complete this.

  • 30 Ultra balls
  • 1 Lure module
  • 1 Poffin
  • 1 Super incubator
  • 1 Lucky egg
  • 3 Silver Pinap Berries
  • 1 Star piece
  • 1 Elite Fast and Charge TM
  • 1 Charge TM
  • 1 fast TM
  • 100 Mew Candies.

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