Uma Musume- Pretty Derby: Season 3 Coming or Not?

Also known by the name of Horse Girl Pretty Derby, it has quite a history since 2016. The show was speculated to have a game in 2018 based on Horse Race. But Cygames took slightly longer than the expected date to release the game. The first two seasons released earlier have gained a lot of popularity among the viewers. The show is considered to have a successful manga run. Here in this article, we will tell you Uma Musume- Pretty Derby Season3 coming or not and everything we know so far. Also, we will discuss Uma Musume- Pretty Derby: Season 3 Coming or Not?

The first season of the show was aired in the year 2018 in April. The production house has of course planned to have a great run of the television series. And within no time the anime featured the second season in 2024. It was produced by Kai studios and it is also going through a successful run right now. For now, the show comprises a total of 25 episodes and 3 OVAs.

The second season is about to end now and, fans will miss this show for pretty long. But what is a tell you there are chances for another sequel to this masterpiece? Are there any chances for season 3? Further in the article, we got all the answers to your question.


Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3

If you are looking for the release date of season 3 then you have to wait for few more weeks or maybe months. As we know the second season moves towards its farewell, the fans have high hopes for season 3.

The manga on which the show is based had a great time at the sales box and is now planning towards further volumes. With such high success rates in series and manga, you can surely expect the third season. Coming to the confirmed date about the third season, it is not yet announced. The studio which will take over for the season 3 is still not clear, as the season 1 and 2 both had different studios.

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About Season 1 and 2 

The genre of the show is Sports drama and it is very popular among horse lovers and also Derby lovers. The show revolves around the life of horse girls who in the past have been great racehorses. They move to Tokyo’s Tracen Academy to train themselves and become the country’s top racer.

Later we see a high-school horse girl has arrived at Tracen Academy with the motive of fulfilling a promise that she made to her mom. Tokai Teio is the main character in season 2. She practices hard and also suffers several injuries to stay among the top racers due to the ancestral horse that she is based upon.

Main Characters

The show has some prominent characters with a very wonderful character development throughout the series.

Silence Suzuka, a horse girl whose abilities are admired by everyone. Special Week, she is a young horse girl and Suzuka’s roommate whom she adores the most. Tokai Teio another character who is considered a talented horse girl and she is also a part of Special Week’s team. She values the student council president the most.

Wrapping-Up Everything

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is acknowledged to be one of the best sports drama anime ever made. With such amazing animations and a beautiful story, the show is a treat to our eyes. If you are a sports drama fan you just can’t miss this masterpiece. The show can be watched easily on all the anime websites that are in the run.

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