Avengers 4 Trailer
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We know that fans are really irritated waiting for the trailer, even it was about to release on December 5 but due to ex-US President George Bush’s funeral, Disney being headquartered in the US held the trailer off to honor him, which was a nice move. The title, the scenes everything will be revealed in tomorrow’s trailer of Avengers 4 sequel to Infinity War. We have full proofs for our confirmation below as per social media posts by several insiders. You also can talk/chat to other Marvel fans on our new Discord Channel.

The trailer is confirmed for release for tomorrow, that is 7th December Friday, 2018, approximately at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST). Here is the Live Countdown to the trailer below, we will update this article with the trailer once it releases.

Spider-man Far from Home Trailer is also slated to release on the next day that is 8th December, 2018 Saturday.

  • Title: Avengers 4 (not official)
  • Movie Release date: May 3, 2019
  • Directors: Anthony and Joe Russo (Russo Brothers)

Proofs that the Trailer will release tomorrow:

Jeremy Conrad, founder of Marvel fan-site MCU Cosmic, confirmed this to be the case, noting that Disney had no reason to start a marketing campaign on a day of mourning owing to the perceived backlash and when there’s no possible trading on the New York Stock Exchange, since it was closed as per Gadgets NDTV.

Daniel R, a writer for SuperBro Movies, said as much and added: “This is final.”

A NBC Reporter also confirmed the same.

Captain Marvel releases March 8, 2019, in cinemas worldwide, later followed by Avengers 4 on May 3, 2019, and Spider-Man: Far From Home releases July 5, 2019. Go for the spoilers here.

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