Sex is important. I know it, you know it, and everyone knows it. Thanks to the popular culture which is filled with sex, it’s more vital now than ever. We’re too exposed to it. Thanks to the development we couldn’t possibly predict sex is a part of our lives that needs to constantly evolve. You can’t leave it in one place. This is what kills many relationships. Simply, today you can’t afford to be conservative in this department. If you do, well, don’t blame us if your relationship fails.

The better question would be what can you do? This is where we can help. It’s what we’re going to do with this article. All you need to do is to listen to us. If you continue reading you’ll discover our four tips on how to explore and upgrade your sex life. As we said, you must think about this part of your life. Being stale will be the downfall of you and your relationship. Being advanced in this department is what will bring joy to both you and your partner.

Of course, it is a matter you need to explore together. One-sided explorations of sex are not recommended nor welcomed. You need to be on the same page with your partner. So, this is what you can do or try. Whatever it is, one simple rule or advice – don’t be shy. Be open to both yourself and your partner. If things are squeaky in the sex department you need to oil it up and do it as soon as possible. Sex life is what keeps us up at night, and what makes our mornings and evenings so enjoyable. So, with the right partner, you should put your exploration hat on, or take all of your clothes off, and read this article. Let’s start.


Bring on The Sex Toys

While sex is the best when you’re doing it one on one, sometimes you need more in bed. Of course, we are not talking about bringing in another person, at least not in this paragraph, but you might require some help. The best way to try new things without leaving your room is to bring a few sex toys in. This might seem unconventional, but trust us it’s not. Millions of people around the world practice sex with their partners by using sex toys. Outlets such as VForVibes.Com can provide you with any sex toy you’d like. The best part is that you have a plethora of choices each of which can make a difference in your bed.  If you want a change that will involve only yourself and your partner this is it. Don’t think any further, but buy a sex toy of your choice. What’s ideal is that this is something you can do with your partner without the need to be embarrassed or to ask a third person for an opinion.

Talk it Out

Communication is the key. You need to talk with your partner. Sex is not only about being physical. You need to talk about it. And when we say this, we mean it in every sense possible. First of all, you need to be open with your partner. Speak about what you want to do. About things, you’d like to see or feel. Converse about clothes, sex toys, and anything else. Furthermore, when we say talk, we are even talking about acting and role-playing. You need to open up to one another. It’s how sex gets better. Talk dirty, talk calmly. Do it the way your partner wants you to. When in bed, everything is allowed. You know how the old saying goes. A woman needs to be a homemaker in the house, a lady on the street, and whore in bed. If you’re open to that kind of talk open your mouth. Just, whatever you do, don’t let the silence take over.

Take Your Time

Let’s say that you are in for any of the two options from above. It requires a change. Changes happen but not overnight. This is what you need to remember. When you want to change old habits in bed, take your relationship to another level, or simply save it from getting boring it will take time. Take it day by day, night by night. Do not expect changes to happen instantly. This rarely happens in any sphere of our lives. Sex is no different. Be patient. This is the key. Patience is what you want when changes are imminent to your sex life. Just remember the TV show Billions and attorney Chuck Rhoades and his wife Wendy. They are open to one another, but when it comes to other people they’re hard to accept Chuck for who he is. But, he’s OK He’s good. Just a little bit kinky. That’s not for everyone. Be patient, take your time.

Change The Environment

This is too simple, right? Yet, many people never leave their bedrooms. This is wrong. You need to change the place and change the pace. It’s all about exploring, you know?  Having sex in a bed is great. Nothing beats it. But, with time it will get boring. You need a change of scenery from time to time. When it comes to sex it’s good to be a little crazy. Have sex in your car. Visit an abandoned parking lot. Do it in a motel. Rent a place and go there. Pick a motel with thin walls. Ensure that others can hear you. Don’t pay attention to anything around you. Risk! Get your hands on your partner in front of Walmart. Close your eyes. Open your senses. Whatever turns you on. The risk might be ignition. This is how you must approach sex life. When it gets boring the time is ideal to go outside of your comfort zone. This is the only way that you’ll be sure that you’re serious about making a change. Exploration and upgrades in this department can happen only that way. Try any of our suggestions and you’ll have a great time once again.