Watch Dogs Legion

Though Watch Dog has been rolled out lately. But, the futuristic open-world hacking game has been improving leaps and bounds. The first game failed to live up to its expectations, though it is a brilliant game. The first game from this series is hyped and this trend happens in too many games.

While a lot of people expect too much from the game and when the game is there for them, they are far too underwhelmed. But, it not only the audience, the game suffers a massive downgrade from what they displayed at teasers and trailers.


When Watch Dogs 1 is a revolutionary at that time. Later they decided to bring different concepts to gaming, hacking, etc. In the world, you can hack each and everything, that inherits electricity to flow through it. But, the game faces major downgrades itself.

As the story isn’t about all the characters is not good but, the driving and the world needed much more work. Finally hacking and playing isn’t fully satisfying for players. Later Ubisoft starts to learn from their mistakes and hits the audience with Watch Dogs 2. This game filled a lot of gaps for the player where it lacks in many aspects. Now you have much better characters along with a good story.

While you are surrounded with some rich characters, that are interesting. The Map itself is just gorgeous and there are so many colors to everything. The whole thing is like a tech retro video for Watch Dogs 2 can’t be explained in words. It is damn good.

Watch Dogs Legion

Without any doubt, one can say Watch Dogs 2 is successful with the right direction of gameplay.


Watch Dogs Legion Fixes

Watch Dogs franchise is trying to be the best in gaming, while it is striving for the same title right now. Though it is not able to be up to mark even with the 2 games. When people are thinking that it won’t anymore.

Watch Dogs Legion

Then Watch Dogs Legion enter the world. This brought something we haven’t seen anywhere in any other games. It did set the benchmark for the other games as well. The feature in Watch Dog Legion that, you could be any character you wanted to be.

Yes, you heard us right. There is no main protagonist given to you by the game. It’s up to you where you can choose anything. Every Single Non playable character in the game can be recruited to your team and you can play as them.

Every Non-Playable characters have their style, which makes this game a unique in its own way. While the vehicle controls have been tweaked a bit, giving us much more fun in playing.

Latest Update

With this new Update, they are claiming that Ubisoft has fixed so many problems for most players facing the issues with the game on consoles. To know more about the update log, in their official website they have provided the patch notes.

Though this update don’t change anything about the game. It is clear that lot of bugs got cleared.

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