What To Expect From K-Drama Twenty Twenty? Release Date, Cast, Plotline
What To Expect From K-Drama Twenty Twenty? Release Date, Cast, Plotline

Korean Drama has have occupied our lives and we love this fact. They make long-running series with very exciting episodes and stories. Some k Drama production companies make web-based short dramas also. These short running dramas also entertain us a lot.  They run for a short time and it is also a good way for bringing someone into a debut.

Most of the Korean artist whether an actor or actress they make their debut through short dramas only. They make a huge impact on us within a limited period. Twenty is one such drama that got released in the year 2020. Everybody hates the year 2020 but it also gave us some of the very good dramas to watch. Let’s see what to expect from K-Drama Twenty-Twenty.

From the name, we can say that the drama is something about the year 2020. But it has nothing to do with the year as the drama relates to the age of the person. The drama is a short one and it got the average rating and reviews. However, it somehow managed to gain the attention of people of young age. Let’s go into the details of the show.

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Twenty Twenty: Release Date

The series was released on 15th August 2020. It has a total of 20 episodes with a time duration of near about 30 minutes each. The show released its final episode on October 21, 2020. Twenty Twenty premiered at 7 p.m. IST on YouTube and official websites such as Naver TV Cast, JTBC original network on Thursday and Saturday of every week.

Twenty Twenty Production 

The show is about romantic teen drama on friendship and life. The production work and development of the show began last year in April. Another name by which the show is famous is Teuwentiteuwenti and 20-20.

The director of the show is Han Soo Ji and Sung So Eun is the screenwriter for the show. Han is a very famous short drama writer and never failed to entertain the audience. The drama is produced by Playlist Studio. The show has got an eye-catching storyline and nicely explained the teen’s lifestyle. Playlist studios are famous for their shows such as Love Playlist, A-Teen, and seventeen. The show first started to premiere on V Live and then went on to YouTube and later on JTBC. What To Expect From K-Drama Twenty Twenty?

The cast of Twenty Twenty

The lead cast of Twenty Twenty is portrayed by Hang Sung Min, Bae Hae Sun, Kim Woo Suk, Jin Ho Eun, Park Sung Nam, Chae Won Bin, and Kang Yoo Chan. They all are playing the roles of Chae Da Hee, Chae Yoon Jung, Lee Hyun Jin, Kang Dae Geun, Jung Ha Joon, Baek Ye Eun, and Son Bo Hyun.

The cast is completely new and is all making the debut with this show.  Kim Soo Hyun is making a special appearance in the show in the role of Yeo Bo Ram. What To Expect From K-Drama Twenty Twenty?

Twenty Twenty: Plotline

The series revolves around the life of Lee Hyun Jin and Chae Da Hee. Their glorious days in college have just begun. They completed their high school and now their life is going to change. For them, nothing seems to be easy or good in college.  Lee finds himself lonely despite always being surrounded by people. After his parents divorced he started to live alone. He likes to play music along with his friends.

On the other side, the life of Chae da Hee is very hard, her mother constantly pressurized her. One day they both unexpectedly meet and start to know each other more. Slowly they both start falling in love. Their life has taken a different path from this moment.

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