Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 2 Release Date, Recap
Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 2 Release Date, Recap

Previously, we saw Ai is asked by her boss to come and lead them by singing a company anthem song. She stepped forward and started singing along with oldies. And later she headed back and met her friends, Junko, Lily, Saki, Sakura, and Tae. She sits down with all of them and watches the same show they have been watching ever since in the morning. At the time of dinner, Sakura comments that is glad that nobody found that they are zombies. here we will tell you Preview And Recap: Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 2.

But in the afternoon, co-workers at Ai’s company noticed her eyes. They thought that she might be sick and must visit the doctor. Junko says that they have been working for months, and no one has ever suspected them. The zombie dog keeps on eating the craps as the zombie girls continue chatting. We see that Sakura is worried about something. The zombie girls don’t use their real names at work, and thus Ai is known as Tatsumi.


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Tae comments that Yugiri needs to be more careful with everyone since she has a service job. Yugiri works late hours at the bar serving booze. Tae comments they need to continue working hard, and they will be out of debt eventually. The girls of Franchouchou have pulled a great show in the last winter of the Heisei era. There were more than 500 audiences present at Arpino.

But after that their profile blew up like a balloon, and their first CD was sold like hotcakes. They got many new contracts to perform in a month. Also on their next show, they managed to sell 500 tickets to the 30000- person venue. The attendant rate was very less of about 1.66% and thus they ended up with a huge debt. There was news that Franchouchou falls apart at EFS.

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Franchouchou Fall

They started to work at a different job to repay the debt in time. The girls decided not to give up even though they have a huge debt to repay. They had confidence that one day they will be back again on the stage. Once they repay the debt everything can go back to normal and Franchouchou will rise again. Sometimes Sakura has second thoughts that what will happen if they are not able to pay the debt. She keeps on worrying about this in the middle of the night. The only thing she has is the hope that one day everything will be okay since she got the support of other zombie girls. She realizes that their producer Katora has been badly affected by this and has started doing drugs and drinking. Preview And Recap: Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 2

He is not in good health and many a time fails to pay the bills. Everyone is surprised looking at Katora’s behavior since they consider him one of the greatest producers. Katora is like a guy who has no meaning in his life. He continues to do drugs but the other part of him feels that he will get his band back again soon. The next morning is all same for the girls going back to the routine life and doing their jobs.

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 2 Release Date

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 2 is scheduled to release on Thursday, 15 April 2024, at 11:30 PM JST. You can easily watch the show on AnimeLab, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

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