Solo Leveling

A few weeks agone, Solo Leveling flat-topped AnimeJapan’s “Manga we would like to be animated” poll, and completely nobody was stunned.

With series like jiujitsu Kaisen processing everybody away in terms of the visuals and animation, nearly every single fan of Solo Leveling is dreaming of what associate anime adaptation might seem like.

Solo levelingHowever, the series continues to be dropping new chapters weekly and drawing in immeasurable readers. There area unit even rumors that the Solo leveling anime can before long be declared.


Solo Leveling Chapter 147: Preview

Sung Jinwoo has only in the near past got hold of Dong-Su’s den. He was furious since nobody wished to heal Jinhoo. He punishes Dong-Su’s man.

Dong-Su challenges Sung Jinwoo for smashing his men. He wished to understand if Sung Jinwoo has killed his brother. Sung Jinwoo told Dong-Su that he would raise his brother once they meet within the hereafter. the 2 brawls and Dong-Su had no match against Sung-Jin Woo.

Solo Leveling Season two are going to be revealing the facility of the National Level Hunter and therefore the S-Rank Hunter.

Thomas arrives at the scene and finds that Sung Jinwoo is thrashing Dong-Su. He told Sung Jinwoo to let alone of Dong-Su, and Sung Jinwoo challenges Thomas.

Thomas felt that Sung Jinwoo had disrespected him, and Sung Jinwoo was alleged to bow ahead of the King. Dong-Su told Thomas to kill Sung Jinwoo and revenge his brother’s death.

Thomas determined to show Sung Jinwoo a lesson for difficult him. They each summon their troopers to examine who is that the powerful hunter.

Solo Leveling Chapter 146: Recap

Sung Jinwoo summons his Shadow monsters, and Thomas summons his Soldier monsters. He told Sung Jinwoo to require his words back and apologize before it’s too late.

Sung Jinwoo didn’t backtrack, and Thomas comments that if he apologizes, his life is going to be spared, and there won’t be a battle.

Sung Jinwoo replies by raising his middle finger. That fuels the anger of Thomas,

Sung Jinwoo would regret not paying attention to him. He wonders UN agency the hell is that this brat to lift the center finger before of him.

Solo Leveling Chapter 147: Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 147 is predicted to unleash on Wednesday, April 14th, or  April 15th, reckoning on your location.

On April 6, it was confirmed that chapter 147 is going to be absent due to the author’s health complications.  It will be available to read on VIZ officially.

Solo Leveling Chapter 147: Spoiler

Thomas Andre and Jin-woo have started to take the fight seriously. people call Andre Thomas a Goliath as he earned it after defeating Kamish the first S-rank.

Jin-woo is already having a hard time fending off attacks from s ranked Thomas Andre.

Reinforcement skill has been used by Thomas Andre to harden up all his body to land a full-scale punch at jin woo, but he counterattacks instead. This sent him flying several meters behind and for the first time a light flashed before his eyes

jin woo Solo leveling

His mouth gets filled with blood and thinks how a mage type hunter is so fast and strong to take on a tanker like him

Thomas Andre thinks he is losing. Just as he stands up, he felt incredible energy above him. It’s jin woo who lands an elbow smash to Thomas Andres Face

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Adam White and the American hunter association arrive at the scene and are amazed to see what’s happening there. Thomas Adre has been beaten by jin woo and then they check his puls if he is living or not

What’s gonna happens next, we will go to know only on chapter 147 of solo leveling.