Zombie Land Saga Season 2
Zombie Land Saga season 2, new trailer, release date

As we already got the announcement that we are getting a second season of the zombie land saga titled “Zombie Land Saga Revenge” from Mappa’s studio. And we already have an official trailer of season 2. But Mappa’s studio created a hyped moment for all the fans just before its releasing week when the production house revealed a new teaser of the second season. In this article, we will discuss the Zombie Land Saga Season 2 new teaser and release date, and all the spoilers we have.

On April 5, 2024, Mappa’s Studio released a new teaser trailer for the Zombie Land Saga Revenge. In this short period of the trailer, we have notices some new uncut and new scenes which will be going to introduced in season 2.


Overview of New teaser

We have seen an opening scene with a theme song “Tae Yamada”. This teaser brings something related to a recap of season 1. The whole trailer is narrated by “Kotono Mitsuishi” who depicts two characters from the last episode of season 1 “Kotaro and Franchouchou”. And also, we have seen some activities of Franchouchou in some super high tension about creating a new song, how to sell all the tickets, and selling out CDs. In addition to all these, we have seen some new character’s live performance scenes and also some a glance of some new characters themselves.

Here’s is a quote which is released by the official website of Zombie land saga related to the storyline of the second season:

“At the end of the last episode, SAGA prefecture will have a new meaning. This is revenge for fate. A battle to regain our dignity, which has been burned by the flames of irrational fate.”

zombie land saga season 2
zombie land saga season 2

Release date of Season 2

Zombie land Saga season 2 will all set to get out on your screen this week. Mappa’s Studio officially announced that Zombie Land Saga Revenge will be aired on April 8, 2024, on Japanese Television. And for those who aren’t familiar with the Japanese language, Funimation also announced that they will be airing the Zombie Land Saga Revenge with the English subtitle.

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Overview of previous trailer os season 2

Well, the last trailer of Zombie Land Saga season 2 which was released on the occasion of the new year does not reveal much related to the storyline of the series. We just find out that the trailer opens with Franchouchou, and she looks and at the same time we have read a title card “we can’t save saga”.

About Zombie Land Saga

As Zombie Land Saga Season 2 is all set to release. Here’s what you should know about Zombie Land Saga.

This is an anime series that is produced by Cygames and Avex Pictures based on the horror-comedy genre created by Mappa. The first episode of season 1 was premiered on October 4, 2018. This became so much popular just after releasing that anime lovers from all over the world are giving their attention to this animated series.

The plot of the story revolved around Sakura Minamoto who is a high school student. Once in the morning, she plans to submit the idol application but accidentally killed by a truck. Ten years later, she has brought back into life by a man Kotaro Tatsumi as a zombie without any memories of her past life.

Kotaro explained to Sakura that he has resurrected y more girls with you with different eras. He wants to reestablish Saga’s prefecture economy through a zombie idol group. And after that Kotaro started to arranging the shows and become a ruthless manager in order to achieve local fame for his Zombie idol group.