Army of the Dead Zack Snyder's Zombie Thriller Reveals Release Date

There are a lot of amazing movies this year. Army of the dead is one of those which reflects the name, Zombie. We will disclose the release date of Army of the Dead and every detail about the game here. American director Zack Snyder is creating hype for this movie, Army of Dead is set on its stage to release this year.

Zack Snyder’s production company, The Stone Quarry will produce the movie for Netflix. This movie is announced as a sequel to Dawn of the Dead 2004 in 2008. Still, the movie is incomplete as Netflix acquires the distribution rights from Warner Bros.

Zack Snyder is not only the director of the movie but also a producer. He also wrote the story and has been a cinematography of the movie. This movie is a high budget with approximately $90 million as its last record budget. This is a high for a streaming movie on Netflix.


Army of the Dead castĀ 

Army of Dead

Though this movie is a sequel to Dawn of the Dead, this one has an entirely new cast with new characters. Here are the cast and actors in this movie. Scott Ward plays Dave Bautista’s role, Kate Ward plays Ella Purnell. Ana de la Reguera plays Cruz, Garret Dillahunt plays Frank Peters. Raul Castillo plays Mikey Guzman and Tig Notaro plays Marianne along with many other characters in this movie.

The plot of the MovieĀ 

Army of Dead

While Dawn of the Dead features a small number of human survivors after the zombie outbreak. These survivors will take refuge surrounded by zombies. However, unlike Dawn of the dead, this movie is a heist movie in an apocalyptic world. This movie will take place a few years after the events of Dawn of the Dead.

Army of the Dead follows the story after the zombie outbreak in Las Vegas.

Army of the Dead Release Date

Though, we don’t have the exact numbers in our hands. This movie will premiere in 2023. But, the question remains uncertain about the release date of this Army of the Dead. We get the movie will likely air in summer 2023. What we have here is the official duration of the movie, which is 153 minutes.

About this Movie?

Army of the Dead

Due to the discrete approach in the productions of the Movie, there is no much news about this Army of the Dead. We will clear about what can you expect in this movie.

First thing first, this movie rated 18+ on Netflix with violence and many scenes. Zack Snyder reveals that this movie will follow a warm and emotional journey of amazing characters. This movie will entirely revolve around Dave Bautista as he plans the heist with his crew.

This movie will feature Dave, holding some green sticks. He could be using them to fend off zombies. While the Dawn of the Dead features a new approach to the physical abilities of the zombies where they have the speed and stamina of Olympic runners.

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