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One Piece author Oda talks about when the manga will end, tells how the ending will be, and promises the greatest battle ever in One Piece history. Eiichiro Oda plans to end One Piece in three years. On the occasion of the manga’s 25th anniversary the author said in an interview:

“I have answered this question so many times already I have lost credibility, so I don’t think I should answer. I shouldn’t really say this out loud, because so far I have been pretty off, but as of now it’s a three-year end goal.” 


Will One Piece author end the manga in 2025?

It’s true that Oda said that Wano would start in 2017 and ended up starting until 2019. He also promised once that Shanks would make “his big move” at the end of 2024 and did not do so until this very week, already in the middle of 2024. But above all, the differences are not that wide. It might happen that his three years will turn into five, but the end already seems near and unavoidable.

Back in 2002, Oda talked about 20 years (until 2024). In 2014 he approximated that One Piece would last 10 more years (until 2024). And in 2020 he guessed about 4 or 5 years to go (again, 2024 or 2025). The seems quite clear, however, you never really know since there is so much story left to tell and the characters keep moving and evolving. “We are all navigators,” Oda said jokingly.

One Piece author about the ending of the manga

Talking about the ending, the author has repeated once again that he is very clear about it. He admits that some particular aspects of it have been changing, but in his head, he knows perfectly well how he will draw the final chapter of One Piece. Along with that he also made it clear that the series will end when it is known what One Piece is.

This is important information, as many theories suggested that Luffy would come at Laugh Tale and find the One Piece before the ending. These suppositions, with millions of followers, were based on the fact that the great mystery of the Void Century would be discovered there and that it would set off the final battle against the Marines. However, if it happens, all that will come before.

The One Piece Author commented that:

“Things are heating up in the Wano Country right now, but if Luffy can set sail from here safely, there will be developments on a global scale, a thrilling story the likes of which no one has ever read before, I’ll draw the ‘greatest battle ever in OP history, it will be exciting! In other words, I made such a statement so readers could be mentally prepared to understand that even a story as long as this one is properly heading towards its end. That said, for now just take your time and enjoy Wano while it’s hot. I’ll be drawing with all of my strength!”

One Piece Chapter 1055

One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers, Scans

One Piece fans are excited for the official release of chapter 1055. Well, here’s all you need to know about the upcoming manga chapter as early leaks have arrived for One Piece chapter 1055.

After Kaido and Luffy got involved in destructive combat, the Wano Country arc has finally come to a close. Blackbeard, Buggy, Shanks, and Luffy were the four new monarchs of the new world, and new bounties also arrived with them. The World government is ready to deal with the problem, and fans are curious to see what happens next. Fans can’t wait to read Eiichiro Oda’s new chapter, which is about to release soon.

The previous chapter of One Piece opened with Aramaki facing Yamato, Momo, and the other Luffy lieutenants. Meanwhile, Red Hair Shanks is spotted outside of Wano’s borders and decides to go meet Bartholomeo rather than Luffy. The early spoilers of One Piece chapter 1055 have also come, and it appears that fans will eventually get to see Shanks’ Conqueror’s Haki.

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One Piece Chapter 1054: Recap

The title of One Piece Chapter 1054 is “Entei”. In this chapter, we see Admiral Ryokugyu taking possession of the Devil Fruit. At the same time, Momonosuke, Yamato, and the Red Riflemen team up to fight the Admiral. Along with that, Shanks declares his intention to join the race to reach One Piece. While Ryokugyu is being prevented from reaching the Straw Hat Pirates by the Nine Red Scabbards, Yamato, and Momonosuke, Red-haired Shanks are spotted close to the shores of Wano Country. He chooses not to meet Luffy after reflecting on old experiences and resolves to pursue Bartolomeo instead.

Shanks finally makes the claim for “One Piece” after a short conversation with Benn Beckman. Meanwhile, Sakazuki examines the recent events at a conference and makes a promise to send all the opposing troops into the depths of the sea as Sabo receives a bounty for the pretended recent murder of Cobra.

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One Piece is a Japanese manga series written by Eiichiro Oda. It is a continuous manga whose first chapter was released in July 1997. The series is produced by Toei Animation and premiered on Fuji TV in October 1999.

The story of the series revolves around a pirate named Luffy and his crew as they sail to earn the title of Pirate King. They also go through various adventures to claim the mysterious treasure called One Piece. Thanks for reading!