Just now Attack on Titan Chapter 117 Action Scenes were Revealed by Organic Dinosaur on Twitter as per leaks. Attack on Titan is also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese. The chapter is officially scheduled to release for May 9. Warning Spoilers ahead.

SNK CH.117- Action Scenes

❶ Pieck implored Porko to chop off her hand

❷ Porko retreated initially, allowing Gabi to climb into Pieck’s Titan mouth for safety (Severed wrist dangling LOL) & Carried to Magath.

❸ Reiner titanized midair parachuting. Later sustained facial damage

❹ Porko claws chopped off Eren’s spinal WHT defense

❺ Eren skewered both through mass WHT spikes from the ground

❻ Eren headshotted by Magath/Pieck (x2)

❼ Otherwise, Marley bullets from air and ground troops

❽ Eren slaps Porko away before tearing apart Reiner’s jaw