Attack on Titan Chapter 137 or Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 137 is coming out very soon as the manga issue is coming out. While many spoilers and leaks are coming out, but the fan-dom is divided into two groups. There are many audiences out there who will read spoilers and the ones who don’t.


Attack on Titan Chapter 137 Release Date for reading Online

This chapter from Attack on Titan can be read for free on several sites. Here we will list out some official sources which are fully legal. To contribute to manga creators one should use these sources. Since most of the manga sources provide a free trial so fans can read this chapter for free.


Kodansha Comics


While Attack on Titan Chapter 137 release date is set on February 9, 2023, as per official sources. While new chapters will be released on the 9th of every month with approx release timings.

Spoilers and Full Summary AOT Chapter 137

Ryokuta’s notes are the basis for these spoilers and fans already translated the leaks. Things are unclear while most of the manga story is clear and the alliance finally ends the rumbling. Some of the fans already compiled a brief summary of the manga story based on spoilers available.

Attack on Titan Chapter 137

Raw scans and leaks will come out at any moment as the manga chapter is published. Before any of the leakers get their hands on Attack on Titan Chapter 137 script and post things. It would be better to wait for the official version to support creators.

Meanwhile, the Attack on Titan Chapter 138 release date is set for March 9, 2023. As we all know that the latest manga chapters will come out on the 9th of every month. There is no proper information about the upcoming chapter 138.

Magazine Cover of AOT Chapter 137 is out

Attack on Titan Chapter 137 Magazine Cover

Finally, we have the magazine cover out there. It reveals some sort of spoilers in this manga Though the cover image and actual storyline are hardly related. This will give some brief theme of the chapter.

Fans of this manga are already refreshing the tabs on the internet for the spoilers. But, only fake leaks are released so far. When the digital version will be out on February 9 and the physical magazine will release a month apart.

Here is the tweet confirming the official release. But, there are a lot of other manga pictures. Some of the translations are not clear as the photos are very small. While Armin, Mikasa, Flaco, Gabi, and Bert are sitting on his shoulders and looking at something with a shocking expression on their face.

Attack on Titan Chapter 137 might not include Eren’s Attack as he is holding the power of Found Titan. The only confirmed hot news so far is that Attack on Titan Chapter 137 is ready to publish.

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