Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Aftermath, Current Situation, End? Mikasa?
Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Aftermath, Current Situation, End? Mikasa?

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Aftermath, Current Situation, End? For all the Attack on Titan fans all around the world, this month going to be harsh on all of them. As the Attack on Titan manga series is coming to an end and will publish its final chapter this week. Creator and writer “Hajime Isayama” announced this officially in his tweet. In this article, we will discuss the attack on titan chapter 139 aftermath and the current situation going on in the series.


The aftermath of Attack on Titan Chapter 139

Attack on titan
Attack on titan

Here is the aftermath of the attack on titan chapter 139. From the very first step, Eren takes announcing the battle to the last. In the event that you read the latest part of Attack on Titan, you will realize Eren crossed a line which perusers don’t really accept that he can at any point return from. Thus, you have been cautioned! In the event that you would prefer not to be ruined on Attack on Titan, continue with alert!

Attack on Titan’s new section followed individuals of Paradis as they took in their serious destiny. In the last part, fans looked as Eren proclaimed his arrangements to annihilate the world. Perusers were shocked by his declaration, and he has followed through on it. All things considered, Eren just murdered hundreds if not a large number of his kin all due to his foolish mission.

This new section stayed aware of the Survey Corps as they started protecting regular citizens from the rubble of Eren’s most recent assault. With gigantic Wall Titans stumbling towards Marley, all of Paradis is in chaos because of the move. In one spread, a dad is seen censuring Eren for his kid’s demise when the Rumbling brought down their home. Obviously, others are glad about Eren’s hostility, and the quakes of a common conflict are as of now beginning.

For fans, they don’t know how Eren can stroll back this sort of harm. His fanatic activities have transformed him into miscreants for some, however, they are holding out trust Eren will track down his center in a little while. Furthermore, if that doesn’t occur, Attack on Titan may end with its hero moved into a reprobate area.

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Current Situation in Attack on Titan Chapter 139

attack on titan
attack on titan8

The current situation of attack on titan chapter 139 is not what fans are accepting and also they are in the middle of the final climax. Attack on Titan manga conveys two milestone minutes fans possess been hanging tight along with energy for – and in one bomb plunge. A first kiss and the last farewell. The two members are, obviously, Eren and Mikasa, the ‘will they, will not they?’ heroes of Hajime Isayama’s uncontrollably well-known dream arrangement since the absolute starting point. Heroes – or rather, hero and hero turned-opponent – who have been secured on two rival sides of a frantic fight for the eventual fate of humankind for quite a while. we have seen the main kiss among Mikasa and Eren additionally it was the last farewell Ws well.

Engaging against Eren, Mikasa recollects the second where Eren revealed to her that he loathed her for his life. In one way or another, the survey corps had the option to cut down the Eren by terminating a few explosives on the neck of Eren titan. Yet, he endures the blast and changes into another titan with fire flares and large as Armin’s gigantic titan.

As the gas was still noticeable all around individuals began to transform into titans. Reiner saw Jean, Connie, Gabi, and his mom transforming into titans. What’s more, they assaulted him. Annie and Pieck came to help the Renier. In the fight, Annie lost his dad as well.

Armin attempts to talk with Eren that he would stop this, simultaneously Mikasa got imagined an alternate existence with Eren. That Eren and she is living in a hovel and Eren slashing woods for her. Yet, she set everything to the side, Mikasa asks Levi that put an opening to the mouth of the Eren’s. Levi with an extra rocket made an opening in Eren’s titan teeth and Mikasa goes inside his mouth and cuts the top of Eren’s genuine body and kisses him for the first and last time.

Attack on titan chapter 138 likewise doesn’t clear up whether he really implied the destructive things he said to Mikasa and Armin when they were last together – something they and fans the same have been struggling with. Assault on Titan’s finale may commit some an ideal opportunity to explaining this, regardless of whether through flashbacks or genuine discussions in the improbable occasion of Eren’s endurance. In any case, however troublesome as it seems to be to acknowledge, this feels like a fitting finish to Eren and Mikasa’s full and extreme bond: conceived, and finished, with penance.

Where to read Attack on Titan Chapter 139

The attack on titan chapter 139 will be available on VIZ on April 9, 2024. We would suggest you use VIZ for reading any latest manga series rather than any.

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