Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Rumbling Result, Spoilers, Eren?
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We have already got the official announcement that Attack on Titan will end this month. “Hajime Isayama” already finished the last chapter of the series. Attack on Titan manga series gets so much attention from fans all around the world that people are ready to do anything for their favorite manga. In this article, we will focus not on the Attack on Titan chapter 139 spoiler and we will also focus on the rumbling result of the fight.

It has been only a couple of days since Attack on Titan anime wrapped up the initial segment of season 4. The last part of the manga is set to be delivered on April 9. While manga perusers are interested to realize how the story will end, there are sure spoilers on the web. As the commencement starts to the last section of the most famous shounen, here is all you need to know what happens after the rumbling result.

“Hajime Isayama” tweeted on Wednesday, March 30, 2024. tweeted that “I have submitted it, From now on, Attack on Titan is a series I hope as many people as possible will read, so thank you”. Manga editor also confirmed this by tweeting and thanking Isayama.


What is Rumbling Attack?

Attack on titan
Attack on titan chapter 139

In the Attack of titan chapter 139, we can see destruction on a very big scale and one of the reasons for that destruction is the Rumbling attack. In chapter 131 we have seen Eren take out a trump card in the battle called “Rumbling Attack”. Millions of colossal titan were walking towards the wall Maria destroying all the life span from existence.

We won’t ever see a weapon that can stop the development of millions of Colossal Titans in the whole Attack on Titan series. On the off chance that the Walls walk even a solitary time… there will be nothing left we can do. Everything that can stay for mankind is escaping in fear at the thunder of the strides that signal our end. These gigantic animals would stomp on our urban areas, our social orders… They would smash the widely varied vegetation in each environment. They would in a real sense straighten our reality.

What was the result of the Rumbling attack?

While it is the end of the series, Attack on Titan chapter 139 will show what will be the exact result of the all massive destruction we have seen so far. In the previous chapter 138 of Attack on Titan, we saw Eren’s spine getting exploded because of the joined endeavors of the Rebel powers. With Eren severed, and the bones deteriorating, the thundering will undoubtedly stop. All things considered, Eren was controlling all the colossal titans subsequent to having persuaded Ymir to end everything.

The thundering having finished, individuals celebrated with satisfaction. The delight of survival We saw numerous cheerful reunions – Gabi and her family. Falco and his family, Pieck meeting hers and obviously, Annie meeting her dad. Be that as it may, it couldn’t keep going long.

Reiner, Armin, the centipede, and Eren – they had all endure the blast. The centipede delivers a gas that changed individuals into titans, who all assaulted Reiner, who was attempting to keep the Centipede from arriving at Eren. In the meantime, Eren took a Colossus titan structure and whipped Armin.

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Attack o Titan Chapter 139 Spoilers

If we talk about all the spoilers of the next chapter. Attack on Titan chapter 139 spoilers will show the results of this amazing fight and the outcome, all things considered, – it can’t be simple, With such countless lives lost, the world is in outrageous disarray and there will in any case be more disorder. Harmony actually needs a great deal of difficult work.

In Chapter 138, we saw that Mikasa encounters a fantasy where she is investing quality energy with Eren. The last board of the section shows Mikasa, holding and kissing the head of Eren, while Ymir is remaining at the back. The hole has been delivered on different sites and surprisingly on Reddit under Titanfolk. Here’s the rundown of AOT part 139 spoilers.

This chapter will fix all the incomplete consummation left in Chapter 138. As per the impending speculations, all the Titan shifters in particular Reiner, Annie, Pieck, Armin, Falco, and others will be dead. The unadulterated Titans Jean, Connie, and others will likewise pass on or quit presence. The forthcoming Attack on Titan Chapter 139 will show Eren’s destruction as he has completely changed into the Founding Titan and have scarcely any body part left separated from his dead. Notwithstanding, every one of the characters will not be dead.

Release Date of Attack on Titan Chapter 139

The Attack on Titan chapter 139 will be going to premiere this Friday, April 9, 2024. You can read chapter 139 on the official site of VIZ. There are many third-party sites available on the internet but we will recommend you to use VIZ official site for a better experience.