Attack on Titan Manga Journey Ends After 12 Years of Great Work! What's Next?

The creator of Attack on Titan manga, Isayama Hajime has submitted the final chapter of AOT. After the long run of the popular manga, he has finally bid goodbye drawing cannibalistic monsters. Eventually, the Attack on Titan manga journey ends!

While some fans are eagerly anticipated if he has plans of continuing to be a mangaka; the others are just thankful for the journey and wish him luck for the future.


The AOT Manga Journey Ends…

The final chapter of the long-running manga Attack on Titan has been completed and turned in by the original mangaka Hajime Isayama. With it, the final piece of the original story he imagined has come to a fitting end of this apocalyptic journey. Yes, the Attack on Titan manga journey ends.

Fans of the manga have seen it grow. From the humble beginnings of a ragtag group of suicidal teenagers zipping around on Vertical Maneuvering Equipment to fight corpse-like giant monsters into a harrowing meditation on the cost of human cruelty and the meaning of the “monster.”

As AOT Manga journey ends, a fan writes a tweet on twitter

But, it had to end somehow, and this is it.

Where To Read The Manga?

If you want to read the English version of Attack on Titan, I’d recommend the VIZ app. Otherwise, you can watch on either Shonen Jump App Android or Shonen Jump App iOS or Manga Plus app.

Isayama Hajime: Attack on Titan Manga Journey Ends…

Isayama created Attack on Titan in 2006 as a 65-page one-shot book. His work eventually generated enough interest to see it published as a serial in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine beginning in September 2009.

Since then, Attack on Titan has become a landmark franchise and leading export of Japanese culture. Also, following the often girl adventures of a group of young warriors known as the Survey Corps.

They ostensibly protect their beleaguered walled city from the attacks of grotesque monstrosities known as the Titans. This tale of horror, visceral action, and raw emotion expanded in time. Later, they grew into larger discussions on the legacies of pain.

This involved a serious conflict between people and the gradual degradation of personal morality in the face of unceasing desperate survival. However, this journey Isayama began over a decade ago ends now. It’s official, the Attack on Titan manga journey ends.

It Began Eleven Years Ago…

After working for 11 years and seven months, finally the AOT manga journey ends! He had turned in the final chapter 139 to his publisher on April 8, 2024.


After completing the story that he started in 2009, Isayama wrote in a tweet, “From now on, Attack on Titan is a series I hope as many people as possible will read, so thank you!”

Attack on Titan, is a gruesome and spiritually disquieting tale, often depicting the stuff of nightmares. It intricate and horrified, both physically and emotionally.

Attack on Titan Franchise

Isayama had his achievement as an artist which has spawned all manner of media as a franchise powerhouse, including:

  • Spin-off manga
  • Light novels
  • Videogames
  • An Anime Television Series (recently crowned as the most popular television program in the world).

Isayama Hajime is a dedicated mangaka with a penchant for realizing the kind of vivid imagery of dreams that wake children from their sleep.

Fans have been taken through many disturbing twists and world-shaking turn on this bloody brutal road through the life of Eren Yeager and his monster-fighting friends.

What Does Isayama Hajime’s Plans Next?

Isayama Hajime

According to an interview with ONE Championship, Isayama’s next challenge will not be a new manga. Instead, he plans to open a spa in his native Japan.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 went on sale April 9, 2024, in the pages of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine with an English translation to follow from Kondansha Publishing.

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