Battlefield 1 

Battlefield 1 Upcoming Game

Battlefield 1 is an upcoming game to be released on October,21st, 2016, it is a World War I first person Shooting game developed by Electronic Arts. It is the next game and the much awaited one after battlefield 4 which was released in 2013. The game will be launched at the specified date on PC(Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

Battlefield 1 Platforms

PC (Windows), XBOX ONE, PlayStation 4, etc. It will be available in all of the above platforms.

Battlefield 1 Official Trailer

Here is the Official Trailer of the Battlefield 1, and it’s having million likes. Must Check it out!

Battlefield 1 Gameplay 

Like Battlefield 4, it will also be a first-person Shooting game. It is timed in the period of World War I. Words War I weapons like semi-automatic and automatic rifles, bolt action guns, machine guns, artilleries, flame throwers can be used by players, Even tanks, trucks, aircraft, battleships can be controlled in the game by the player. This time there will be a more open environment than the previous generation battlefields. The multi-player mode can support upto 64 players this time.

Battlefield 1 Weapons 

World War I was the starting of the modern Era of warfare with the powerful, efficient and distinct weapons with good handling, some of them are shotguns, LMGs, SMGs, snipers, flame throwers, grenades.

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