The Medium is the Upcoming Psychological Horror Game for the Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows. Bloober Team is the developer, Arkadiusz Reikowski and Akira Yamaoka are the composers. While Zdzisław Beksiński gave his unique art style. The Medium is all set to release on 28th January 2024.

The medium is all about dark mysteries. Players are going to scout the real and spirit world at the same time. Solving puzzles, revealing secrets, surviving using their psychic abilities. Since the players will experience dual reality, hence game will be played on a split-screen. It’s a third-person game, instead of first-person like their previous projects like Observer.

The Medium
The Medium Xbox Game Showcase Screenshots of Dual Reality


The Medium: Gameplay

The first 18 minutes of the gameplay were released by the Bloober Team. Players will play as Marianne, a medium, who walks between both worlds i.e real and spirit. This will give players her perspective of both sides, making it a dual reality game.

Bloober Team in association with IGN made public the first 18 minutes of the gameplay. In these 18 minutes, players get to know more about Marianne and her backstory. The further camera will be fixed behind the back of the character, giving a much wider display perspective. The gameplay also shows the effects of choices on the spirit world, when Marianne deals with various situations in the real world.

Bloober Team’s Interview:

“I think it definitely is the most ambitious because you know this dual-screen and all those mechanics, but also it’s like our biggest game in terms of everything,” says Wojciech Piejko, Lead game designer.

He also says, “Here we switch from the first-person to a third-person perspective which of course requires, you know, more animations and more, you know, mechanics and stuff that we know we weren’t so powerful with as a studio, so yeah, we are, you know, always trying to push ourselves further.” For them, each of their previous games opened the door for the next one. each game for them a step but this was a leap. As to provide a more cinematic experience, they had to switch perspective.

The game is available For pre-purchase on Steam and Epic Games. The Medium is the fifth new release from the studio in as many years. check the link here: Save 10% on The Medium on Steam, Pre-order The Medium now and get the special digital bonuses for free!  & The Medium | XBOX

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