Battlefield 6

Battlefield 6 is one of the biggest multiplayer shooting games, launched this year. It seems EA sports Launching this ahead of the actual schedule. The trailer of this promises the arrival of the game as promised in spring.


Battlefield 6 Gameplay, Massive New Maps

One of the precious bits of information leaked about Battlefield 6 is that developers are working on bigger maps. Rumors reveal this bigger map will accommodate more than 100 players in the match. EA confirms that rumor during the latest earnings calls with Investors.

Battlefield 6 is unsurprisingly one of the main talks for EA’s in upcoming quarters. While there are not mich plot and features about this game are revealed. Andrew Wilson, CEO of the EA tells that the game is being developed with maps with unprecedented scale.

Battlefield 6

In earlier months, Battlefield 6 rumors with new maps designed for as many as 128 players in a single match. Tom Henderson is the main source of this information. But, in the previous news reveals that Battlefield will mainly focus on staple 32v32 game mode.

After the player count is mentioned, he could mean other than 64v64 game mode. While this game will use the full power of next-generation platforms for a massive advantage. Battlefield 6 brings immersive battles to life with more platers than ever before, this is unclear what he stated. Since PS5 and Xbox Series X/S are likely to allow the game to deliver higher resolution and frame rate along with other features like haptic feedback.

Apart from the multiplayer mode, this game franchise is known for the war-themed plot. while rumors claiming that Battlefield 6 will focus on NATO vs Russia storyline. Grand Operation Game mode is coming back in a 5-day mission format between these two forces.

There remains a strong appetite for another entry into the Battlefield. Bad Company Series with their, Bad Company 2 continues to remain on the top of the best Battlefield game series.

Release Date

Release Date Battlefield 6

We all know, many video game projects are delayed due to COVID-19. EA reports reveal that Battlefield 6 development is ahead of its internal milestones. Wilson promises to reveal multiplayer information sometime in spring. Which might be between March and Early May.

As Battlefield V is released in 2018, now the company is on the way to its launch in Spring 2024. This game will be on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC as per the information available now

Battlefield 6 trailer promises a true-next generation Battlefield game. The promises came along with pre-alpha snippets of “Work in Progress” footage. Showing game new facial animation tech in action. Along with a sneaking peek of soldiers running in the Battleground. The game is on the rise, but not revealing anything regarding the story so far.

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