Avengers Endgame Spoiler

Hello, everyone. We have some big news to go over today, specifically a leaked video that could have a huge spoiler for Avengers Endgame in it, so I must issue a spoiler alert if you do not want anything spoiled for Avengers you might want to click away now, we’ll be going over a video where a celebrity could have potentially revealed a character’s death and Avengers Endgame, so if that sounds like something that you don’t want to know you should click away now. You can see the Official Plot leak which got leaked earlier.

If you’re still with me, there is a leaked video that Serena Williams the professional tennis player took at the Oscars the video is of Chris Evans at the Oscars but it’s not what we see in the video that’s a big spoiler it’s what we hear I’ll go ahead and play the video so you can all see it and hear it.

Did you hear what her and her friend said, so they’re pretending to take a selfie because they want to film Chris Evans because they’re a fan of him, but then she says that- she’s devastated that he died in the movie Avengers, and immediately after she says that, her friend cuts in and says that it’s supposed to be a secret.

So, did Serena Williams just revealed to us that Captain America dies in Avengers Endgame? Many people believe that it’s true, the Russo brothers have already come out and said that they’ve screened Endgame a few times already and that was a little bit ago.

So they’ve most likely screened it a few more times since then and usually when they screen movies like this they do invite some celebrities to see it so there is a chance that she could have seen the movie already.

She originally posted this video to Instagram, but then she removed it a few hours later it’s most likely that somebody told her to remove it but not before some fans could screen record it so to me, one of three things could be happening here- one is she could be referring to another Avengers film which doesn’t really make sense because he’s never died in any movie unless she thinks that he’s one of the characters that got dusted, but that still doesn’t really add up why would her friend tell her that it’s supposed to be a secret?

If she’s talking about a past movie and again why would she take the video off of Instagram, if it’s not supposed to be a secret which leads me to my second point of what could be happening and that is it’s real he actually dies in Avengers Endgame and she has seen the movie but the third thing that could be happening here is that this is very intentional she could have been asked by Marvel or the Russo brothers to intentionally put this video out there and intentionally say those things and then take the video down.

It’s something that I definitely wouldn’t put past the Russo brothers because they’re trying to keep us from really knowing anything about this movie, so this could be misdirection but I do however think that the most likely scenario is that he dies and she somehow knows and now she has spoiled it to the world.

But again I wouldn’t put it past the Russo brothers or Marvel to go to extreme lengths to keep people in the dark about Avengers Endgame so let me know what you think about this in the comments down below.

Do you think Serena Williams dropped a huge spoiler by telling us that Captain America dies in Endgame or do you think that it’s something else let me know in the comments?

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