Black Clover Chapter 287, Release Date, Spoilers, Update

Asta will do everything to become the Wizard King in Black Clover Chapter 287! With the exciting episodes and a huge fan base, Black Cover has become one of the most popular manga series streaming now. Black Cover is written by Yuki Tabata. It has been adapted into an Anime TV series, which is running successfully.

The latter has captured the hearts of thousands and millions of anime lovers. The story follows the journey of a young orphan boy named Asta to become the Wizard King by using his powers. This series follows the genre of Adventure, fantasy, and thrill.

Since this exhilarating anime series is coming to a close in the month of March, the followers are reading up the anime to get at least an idea of what is going to happen next in the series.

Very recently episode number 286 of Black Cover came online and has made expectations of the viewers even higher. They all are waiting for the new episode, which is Black Clover Chapter 287. Follow our page and read the article to know more about the release timings. And make sure you do not miss the thrilling episode.

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    Release Date of Black Cover Chapter 287:

Based on the information provided by Shonen Jump, the new episode of Black cover is coming out on Sunday, 28th March 2024, midnight JST. New episodes or chapters of Black Cover release every Sunday but because the last two episodes i.e. 285 and 286 were delayed, hence the upcoming new episode 287 will be released a bit late.

You can read Black Clover Chapter 287 on

The spoilers will be out very shortly as the raw version will be released in Japan.

Recently the studio announced that on 30th March 2024, the Manga of Black Cover will be coming to an end.

This anime series has gained a huge following and these followers were pretty shocked with this sudden unexpected announcement, as the show is still ongoing. However, many of them are expecting that the show will be coming back soon when the manga has proceeded with the story. But the studio has given no indication or hints that the latter will be happening any time soon. Hence, the followers need to keep themselves contend and quench the thirst of their suspense by following the weekly manga chapter release.

  • Overview of Black Cover:

The series revolves around Asta who along with Yuno was left at the doorstep of an orphanage in Hage village. Asta is an exception in the village as everyone there can use magical powers in the form of ‘Mana’ unlike Asta.

Asta shows great hard work and determination to gain magical power and become the wizard king. Whereas, Yuno was born with extremely powerful magical powers and the expertise of controlling the wind. They both aim to become the Wizard King. It is a powerful and authoritative position, second after the king of the Clover Kingdom.

Despite the lack of magic Asta gets the mysterious five-leaf grimoire. It contains, elf swords and very rare yet powerful anti-magic powers.

Whereas, Yuno gets a legendary four-leaf grimoire, which was once held by the first king of the Clover Kingdom. Later on, we see that both join a Magic Knight Squad as their first step in their journey of becoming the next Wizard King. Follow the series to witness their journey of becoming the Wizard King!