Manga is going really insane, this post will feature Boruto Chapter 37 Release, Spoilers Thread.

SOME SPOILERS RELEASED YET! But we will receive them soon and we will Update this Thread.

Urashiki Arc Anime Spoilers Updated: Boruto Episode 121, 122, 123 Spoilers


Boruto Chapter 37

Countdown to Live English Boruto Chapter 37 of Manga UPDATED, ‘RELEASED’



Chapter Official Link Online Status (RELEASED)









There was some confusion regarding the Release Time as Mangaplus says it will release at 8:30 Japan Time on August 20, whereas Shonen Jump app, says 12:00 AM 21st August Japan time. To be on a safer side we will be considering Shonen Jump App’s time.

Major Spoilers

By Nano

First Page: Title- A United Front

Sasuke Returns, Naruto, Sasuke vs Jigen CONFIRMED!

Boruto Chapter 38

The release date for Chapter 38 of Boruto has been revealed by VIZ as Friday 20th September 2019.

Boruto Chapter 37 is titled: ‘Jigen vs Naruto’ and will release on August 20, 2019.

New Chapters will release near 20th of every month due to shifting to V-jump. And that is really good as the series will get a pace.

Spoilers are not out yet, we will update you all soon.

There are a few things which will be really interesting to see in the Next Chapter 37:

  • Sasuke and Sakura heading to the battlefield (Team 7 Formation), hopes are high that Sasuke will be back any moment. (Sasuke is probably late because Jigen’s teleportation method is faster)
  • Next move of Kashin Koji.
  • Naruto vs Jigen obviously, Jigen’s power level, more about Karma and stuff.
  • Kawaki’s Decision, new power level after the horn.
  • Boruto and Mitsuki (Shikadai and Inojin too) reaching the Battlefield
  • Will Boruto too power up just like Kawaki?
  • Is Boruto the ‘key’ defeating Jigen? Will Jougan get activated? Jigen’s Weakness?
  • Is Karma somewhat related to Mitotic Regeneration?
  • More about the Otsutsuki’s for sure.
  • Will Jigen retreat or be able to take back Kawaki?
  • Is Kawaki acting or is it a trap?
Fan Art from Reddit

We as fans hope that no major death will occur anytime now because it is for sure that Jigen would not kill Naruto as from the First Episode of Boruto, Kawaki said that “I will be sending you where I sent the Hokage”, that means Kawaki can only be the one who does that.

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