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Manga is going really insane, this post will feature Boruto Chapter 39 Release, Spoilers Thread. We may get some climax in upcoming chapters. Tag us on our twitter and we will translate spoiler/news content for you.

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Boruto Manga Chapter 39 English Release Date is October 20/21, 2019 depending on the timezone.


Boruto Chapter 39 Live EXACT Countdown

Boruto Chapter 38 was one of the biggest and sad chapters. Sasuke, Kawaki, Boruto, and Sarada’s reaction is yet to be seen.

Please believe in our Heroes Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto! Many unanswered things where chapter 38 left will be answered by the next chapter 39.

Live Countdown to the next chapter begins, everyone is eagerly waiting!


Where to Read Boruto Chapter 39?

Chapter Official Link Online Status










Boruto Chapter 39 is titled: “PROOF”

Cover Page:

Boruto Chapter 39 Cover

A dazzling strong Kawaki gets a solo feature on the color cover page. The left sleeve is in Shred cloth: Loose blue threads.

His left hand is being held out, half grabbing towards the reader. The red, one-horn ‘Otsutsuki’ visual is displayed on his palm.


Jigen colored by Boruto Manga Colored, Artist Goldenflash. Also, see Boruto Manga in colors.

SPOILERS THREAD for Chapter 39

Spoilers will release on 18/19th of October, as these days spoilers are getting really delayed because of the shift to V-jump!


Speculation/Predictions for Boruto Chapter 39

Few things which will be really interesting to see probably in Chapter 39:

  • More about ‘Ishiki Otsutsuki’ and Jigen.
  • Jigen’s next move (Kawaki Retrieval)
  • Sasuke’s next move
  • Naruto’s/Kurama’s next move (We know probably he will try to break the seal)
  • Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada, Mitsuki, Sakura, and others getting aware of the situation.
  • Now, who will be the Hokage?
  • More about Karma.
  • Kashin Koji making his move.
  • What’s the grand motive of the new Otsutsuki.
  • More about that Otsutsuki horn.
  • Kawaki, Boruto may plan something.
  • Boruto Karma and Jougan of Boruto may get activated in Rage.
  • Jigen’s current body is overused and is on its limits, let’s see what will he do.
  • How Boruto is the key defeating Jigen.

Most importantly ‘Believe’ in Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto!!! Naruto is not dead!

Is Naruto Dead in Boruto Manga?

The answer is obviously ‘No’ because he just got sealed in a big Utensil like thing by Jigen, Kurama might have something up his sleeve, or Sasuke will go back with reinforcements, to retrieve/bring back Naruto.

Jigen absorbing Amaterasu by Shini

See Boruto Manga in colors. Maybe the Scroll of different seals might know something about that sealing Jutsu Jigen used on Naruto. They will figure something out.

Will Boruto activate Jougan in manga and help in space/cross- dimesional teleportation?

Who will become the Hokage meanwhile?

Most likely Kakashi, but Shikamaru and Sasuke can also be the ones.

Who is the ray of Hope?

Boruto can only defeat Jigen with his Karma but he is too small and a bit weak to fight Jigen yet, but ‘Kashin Koji’ might be helpful in this case. Kashin Koji knows Jigen and about his organization ‘Kara’ very well, he might give intel to Konoha/Sasuke about this!

Sasuke, Boruto, Kawaki, Kashin Koji might play important roles in the upcoming chapters. Don’t forget that someone is still helping and sharing information with them ‘secretly’, as per chapter 35 someone left coordinates for the Jigen’s secret Ten-Tails location!! Most probably Kashin Koji.

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