Boruto Chapter 52

Boruto Chapter 52 will be action-packed featuring Naruto vs Isshiki’s final fight. The Release Date of Boruto Chapter 52 is 20 November 2020. Spoilers, raw scans released. Generally, Spoilers release two days before the official manga chapter release in English. Images by Ameno.

Boruto and Sasuke got a beating again in the last chapter from Isshiki while Naruto saves them both at the end of the day with his new dangerous form. Our hero Naruto saves Boruto and figures out a final form to possibly defeat Isshiki or possibly hold him until he dies the very next day but this new final form of Naruto has a high risk of Death as Kurama already told Naruto.


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Boruto Chapter 52 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans

Boruto Chapter 52 Spoilers Status: Cover, raw scans, spoilers, some leaks, chapter summary RELEASED!!!


Boruto Chapter 52 title Heavy Particle Mode MAJOR Spoilers:

  • Naruto stops Isshiki’s cubes easily with his tails, Naruto is fast
  • Kurama describes this new power mode as fusion, it uses chakra to create new energy
  • Isshiki catches naruto from the neck and detects Kawaki’s chakra
  • Somehow Isshiki teleports Kawaki back to this dimension, Amado was not aware of this
  • Naruto gives Isshiki a really hard time, Isshiki is struggling. Naruto stopping everything with bare hands
  • Isshiki is bleeding from the mouth and has just 30 minutes left
  • Boruto awakens Jougan at last in the manga for the first time and is now possessed by Momoshiki possibly.
Boruto 52 Cover:

Boruto 52 Raw leaks

The upcoming manga chapter spoilers, leaks, raw scans, summaries, translations of the latest Boruto Chapter 52 have been released. We will update you as soon as possible as new info released.

So, stay tuned we will update this thread as soon as any new information about the upcoming Chapter releases! The trio will fight in another time-space dimension with Isshiki in the next chapter 52.

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Is Naruto going to die?

There is very little chance of it as the Manga has been given back to original Naruto writer Masashi Kishimoto. And he will definitely not kill Naruto that’s for sure.

The official Twitter account of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto franchise revealed on Monday that Boruto manga story writer Ukyō Kodachi will retire from the manga, and Kishimoto himself will resume and take over as the story writer. The Twitter account stated that this change was “planned from earlier.” Kishimoto will take over the role starting with the 52nd chapter of the franchise, which Shueisha will publish in the December issue of V Jump. Therefore the upcoming Boruto Chapters from Chapter 52 will be written by Masashi Kishimoto.

Kodachi is caught up in some old cases as per some sources therefore he has been stopped from creating the story further. Here he has the message for Boruto fans:

The answer as per Kurama is certainly yes, as this is the final form that Kurama talks about and says that it is certain that Naruto will die, well but anything can happen since Sasuke and Boruto both are there on the battlefield. It would be really interesting to see what will happen, but no one wants Naruto to die at any cost. We all grew up watching him as a hero, we can’t simply watch Naruto die – fans. Boruto might do something at the end which will prevent naruto from dying just like Naruto.

Boruto Chapter 52
Image by Viz

Naruto says that he will exercise that power and is ready to die because this is the last powerful trump card they have on their sleeves.

Boruto Chapter 51 Recap

As per Anime Balls Deep Youtube Boruto Chapter 51 showcased Naruto’s New Final Transformation which will sacrifice his life against Isshiki Otsutsuki. Boruto Chapter 52 will show this power in action! This new KCM like transformation is said to possibly cause Naruto’s Death. We also go into further detail about Kaguya Otsutsuki from Naruto Shippuden on her possible story with Isshiki on how she betrayed the clan for the Chakra fruit from the god tree.

Boruto Chapter 51 showcased Naruto’s New Final Transformation which will sacrifice his life against Isshiki Otsutsuki. Boruto Chapter 52 will show this power in action! Will Kashin Koji play any role now?

Isshiki Otsutsuki is about to go down as Naruto’s FINAL SACRIFICE and New STRONGEST KURAMA Transformation will take him on. This might force Sasuke to sacrifice him using the Rinne Rebirth! so Will Naruto or Sasuke dies in Boruto is a VALID QUESTION AT THE MOMENT.

We also learn new information about the Otsutsuki, where the two-member team sent down to cultivate the fruits are ranked with one of the pair being a sacrificial member, Isshiki being the higher rank, making Kaguya the sacrifice. We also learn about Isshiki and Kara’s true plan, with Momoshiki vessel Boruto being the sacrifice. Kawaki seems depressed feeling useless edging us the audience to feel he might choose to give himself up for the Karma.

Will Kawaki get his karma back somehow? Will Boruto awaken Jougan in Manga this time? Wil Boruto get that scar on his right eye? Will Isshiki be defeated by Boruto, Sasuke, and Naruto?

It is definitely certain that no other ninja currently has the ability to do time-space ninjutsu to reach this dimension, only Boruto and Sasuke have it for now, so there will be no interference whatever the consequences may be. Let’s wait for something big in Boruto Chapter 52.

It confirms that Jigen aka Isshiki has a new powerful Dojutsu which can shrink things just by giving a glance at them except living things and store some items later to be used in a different space where time does not flow. This Dojutsu has never been seen in Narutoverse, it might have other secret abilities yet to be revealed in the story.

Also, the question arises that where did the almost dead Kashin Koji left to? Will he arrive on time after getting some healing? Will he intervene in this fight?

Speculations for future Boruto Manga Chapters

These things might happen in the upcoming Boruto Chapter 52, 53, 54, 55, 56.

  • Where did Kashin Koji go after he was almost defeated?
  • Sasuke might get defeated at the end by Isshiki.
  • Boruto has to fight with the full potential to protect everyone.
  • Sasuke could possibly use his Rinnegan Rinne-Rebirth Jutsu to help save Konoha and Naruto from death.
  • Isshiki might have something up his sleeve which will let him win.
  • Sasuke and Naruto to fight Isshiki with full power, this may be their last battle somehow
  • More about the powers of Isshiki, also he might try to retrieve Kawaki to use as his vessel at last.
  • The entrance of other loyal members of Kara and helping Jigen.
  • Information on Boruto’s pure eye, Karma powers, what exactly it is, and its origins.
  • Secrets of Kaguya’s Otsutsuki partner that later possessed Jigen.
  • Other methods to create Ten-Tails.
  • New revelations about the powers of Karma, Ten-Tails, Otsutsukis, and their vessels.

Chapter Discussion

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The March’s promotional text already said that “There will be good progress towards new developments in the Battle against ‘Kara’!”, We can notice that the battle is progressing further as Kara vs Konoha continues. Also, read about Solo Leveling Chapter 128.

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