Boruto Episode 105, 106 spoilers, release date

Boruto Episode 105, 106

Howdy, everyone. Boruto: Naruto next generations Anime is getting interesting day by day. The story will begin a new arc from May 12, 2019, just after 1 filler Episodes just as usual. Jugo Curse Mark Arc was a great thrill.

We have summaries/spoilers posted and translated by Organic Dinosaur for Episode 105, 106 and their release dates, and then we will talk about the new Arc- KONOHA SHINDEN, new characters to be introduced in the anime series and about the message from the new director.

Boruto Episode 105: Titled – “Opening Emotional Scars” Mitsuki is in a bad state! It’s because of… his dreams!? Release Date: 5th May, 19

Feeling that his body was in a bad condition, Mitsuki went to Orochimaru’s research laboratory.

Orochimaru knew that Mitsuki seemed to be having more frequent ‘Dreams’ lately. Mitsuki’s experiences seemed to have impacted his heart and mind.

Moreover, Orochimaru thinks that the change in Mitsuki’s physical condition is connected to that…!?

Boruto Episode 106: Titled – “Steam Ninja Scrolls: An S Rank Mission!!” (Beginning of New Arc) Release Date: 12th May, 19

Asuma and Kurenai’s daughter- Sarutobi Mirai, will appear!

Sarutobi Mirai is a cousin to Konohamaru.

She’s departing on a mission! Even though the objective is to guard Kakashi and Gai on their way to the hot springs, there’s another motive behind this mission!?

New Arc is starting in Boruto from Episode 106 on May 12th, 2019

The discussion on characters in this arc goes as below and there is a message at the end from the new Director of the anime series.

“Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls” will be unveiled starting from 5/12!!! Once you know about it, it’ll be even more enjoyable! Here’s the release of information that we’ve prepared!! These three people are going on a journey!

Sarutobi Mirai

She is the daughter of Sarutobi Asuma and Yuuhi Kurenai, as well as the sensei to Shikadai. She is currently a Chuunin.

Might Gai (Traveling Appearance)

He is the sensei to Rock Lee, whose son is Metal Lee. He is continuing his pursuit for Eternal Youth.

Hatake Kakashi (Traveling Appearance)

He is the Rokudaime Hokage. During his era doing active duty, he was feared as ‘Kakashi of the Sharingan’.

What is the true identity of the girl that they happened to meet at their destination!?

Tatsumi Enroute to their mission, Mirai and her comrades join up with Tatsumi! What are her intentions…!?

Summary: Mirai, Kakashi, and Gai are heading out on a mission to the Land of Hot Water! Mirai is heading to the Land of Hot Water as a guard for Kakashi and Gai. What exactly is this mission that Naruto has directly appointed her to do!? Boruto

Comment Box:

I wonder if Mirai-san will be alright? Mirai-san is tackling an S-ranked mission dattebasa! Even though she’s together with the Rokudaime and Gai-san, I’m a bit worried…

Brimming full of excitement! Here’s a message from Kouda Masayuki (The new director!!)

“Even though I’ve continued to work with the ‘Naruto’ and ‘Boruto’ series, I never thought that I would receive the chance to become the director: I’m incredibly honored!

Since this will be the first time that I’ll be challenged with things as the director, it’ll be just like how Boruto and his friends will come to oppose various difficulties: I think that we’ll want to keep pushing forward with our best efforts! From now on, please look forward to all of the captivating characters and the world of the ‘Boruto’ anime!”

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