Boruto Episode 113 Release Date, Spoilers


Boruto will start its new Arc in Episode 114. We will talk about Boruto Episode 113 Release Date, Spoilers and detailed Synopsis. Episode 113 will release on 30th June 2019.

Boruto Manga is currently going really great and we recommend it, though it may spoil the anime series. The manga will debut with its huge anticipated Chapter 36 on July 21.

Boruto Anime will adapt Manga Chapter 11 from Episode 114 where new Arc will begin on July 7th probably because both introduce the ‘Card Game’.

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Boruto Episode 113

Title: “The Defining Characteristics of a Commander”

Release Date: 30th June 2019 (Last Episode of June)

A Temporary Team Commander Shikadai is distressed!?

Summary: He’s challenged by a mission to command the unique/individualistic members of the team!

Boruto, Iwabee, and Wasabi have been abruptly formed into a four-person team with Shikadai as the commander! The mission that has been assigned to them is to pluck a rare flower and then bring it back with them.

Even though it’s a simple mission amongst friends, they begin to argue with one another over childish things; Shikadai faces endless hardships because of them.

Collect it and bring it back.” Even though the mission was intended to be a simple one that would conclude fairly quickly, the members ended up doing other stuff – Such as starting arguments with one another over childish things.

Moreover, there’s also Intel about a nefarious person who’s targeting the flower!? Will they even be able to smoothly complete the mission!?

This Week’s Moegi

Giving advice to Shikadai! Moegi advises her favorite student as he faces the challenges of being a commander of a mission for the first time!

Even though she says “As for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are four people there…” What the heck is the true meaning behind what Moegi wants to tell him!?

Boruto Episode 114 (Boruto Anime Adapting Manga Chapter 11 Probably)

Title: “The GEMAKI Proxy War”

Release Date: 7th July 2019 (First Episode of July)

Summary:  ‘Extreme: Ninja Picture Scrolls’ (Geki Shinobi Emaki) – more commonly known as ‘GEMAKI1’ – is themed around famous (Shinobi) of each successive generation like a Naruto Card.

Currently, it’s a very popular card game. Boruto and his friends have become increasingly eager to collect the cards.

While doing so, Boruto and his friends realize that there were many unrecognized but influential people who had yet to be turned into cards.

These included their former teacher, Aburame Shino, and Metal’s father, Rock Lee.

However, it seems as though only one Shinobi candidate amongst them can be selected to be made into the next card.

And so, there is a dispute over which one of them ought to get picked. A climatic battle unfolds between those who support the Shino-faction and the Rock Lee-faction.