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Will Boruto begin its new Arc? Or will it be single filler Episode? We will talk about Boruto Episode 115 Release Date which is 14th July, also about its Spoilers, and detailed Synopsis.

Update: Boruto Episode 114-118 Spoilers are out.

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Boruto Manga is currently going really really great and we recommend it, though it may spoil the anime series. The manga will debut with its much-anticipated Chapter 36 on July 21.

Boruto Episode 115 (14th July)

Title: “Team 25”


Main Summary: 

Kakashi knew that were complaints regarding Team 25: They were in the midst of being dispatched to the post office.

This Week’s Kakashi:

Asking the leader about why there is zero teamwork!

Houki is the leader of the team, and also admires Kakashi.

Kakashi asks about the reason for why their mission is going unsuccessfully, but then Boruto and his comrades arrive at that moment when in pursuit of the perpetrators of a bombing incident!?

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Episode 114 Summary: Who will be made into the next “GEMAKI” card: Shine or Rock Lee!?

‘GEMAKI’ – is themed around the famous (Shinobi).

The card game “Geki: Shinobi Emaki” (Extreme: Shinobi Picture Scrolls) is super popular amongst Boruto and his friends!

Boruto Episode 116-120 Spoilers will be out soon. We will update you all as soon as they get released by Organic Dinosaur on Twitter. Stay tuned!

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