Boruto will have fillers until Episode 119, but now it is confirmed for Boruto Episode 120 will feature Urashiki Otsutsuki’s story arc. Episode 118 releases on August 5th.

In Episode 119 the ‘Lemon Arc’ will end. New Urashiki Arc begins second last week of August from 18th August in Episode 120.

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Boruto Manga is currently going really crazy and we recommend you to read it, though it may spoil the anime series.

The manga will debut with its much-anticipated Chapter 37 on August 20, 2019, which will feature Naruto vs the new villain (Jigen).

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Boruto Episode 119 (Spoilers) Detailed spoilers Updated

Release Date is 11 August 2019 (According to Timezone)

Title: “Konohamaru’s Nindou (/Ninja Way)”

Trouble springs up for Lemon and Kankitsu’s marriage ceremony!

The seal of the “Souma” releases in the midst of their marriage ceremony!

Boruto Episode 120 (Spoilers)

Release Date is 18 August 2019

Title: “Heading Towards Sasuke”

In order to meet up with Sasuke, Boruto is going towards the Wind Country! Boruto finds out about the location where Sasuke is stopping by for a short visit in the Wind Country!

In order to meet up with Sasuke, he secretly leaves the village.

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