Boruto Episode 120 Spoilers and Leaked Images


Boruto Episode 120 is the beginning of the Urashiki arc on 18th August 2019. Currently, as per spoilers, Sasuke will face Urashiki with help of Gara.

New Urashiki Arc begins second last week of August from 18th August in Episode 120. Urashiki vs Sasuke in Episode 121 on 25th August 2019.

Shinki, Gara, Sasuke, Boruto and Urashiki will be involved in the upcoming Episodes. Episode 120-123 Spoilers are below.

Special thanks to Organic Dinosaur on Twitter for all the Spoilers and Translations! Thanks to Abdul for leaked Spoiler Images for Episode 120.

In the Preview for 120 Sasuke is not shown but here are the Actual Leaked Images.

Hinata was not shown in the preview.

Sasuke and Gara fighting together!

Temari was not shown in the preview.

Shikamaru investigating on some issue.

New character Isago And Gojyou one of them below.

Shikadai saying – ‘What a Drag’ Probably.

Boruto Episode 120 Spoilers (NEW ARC)

Release Date is 18th August 2019 for Episode 120

Title: “Heading Towards Sasuke”

During the time of the Chuunin Exams, Sasuke became Boruto’s mentor. Since his mentor tends to be away from home, Boruto hasn’t been able to receive much training from him – He’s gotten tired of waiting on him to come back.

But on this occasion, a message arrives at the village from Sasuke. Boruto stealthily eavesdrops (listens) on the contents of it, and finds out that Sasuke is going to be dropping by for a short visit at a certain location in the “Wind Country”.

In order to receive training from him somehow, Boruto then secretly rushes out of the village.

But at the same time, various accidents keep happening -one after another – and he isn’t readily able to reach his destination. Will Boruto actually be able to meet up with his mentor!?



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