The wait is finally over for all the Boruto fans out there as the new episode which is Boruto Episode 162 will come out next Sunday. It will portray the escape of Team 7 from their brand new enemies. Sakuya and her butler have been murdered and the blame is entirely on Boruto and his friends. They are being framed and held responsible for this murder. So, we are going to be talking about Boruto 132 but before that, let’s have a recap of Boruto Episode 101-


Boruto Episode 161 Recap

The fans enjoyed seeing Boruto and Team 7 in exciting action. Also, this episode mainly featured the team trying to find a cure for the Hashirama Cell. The Land of Silence is very dangerous indeed, a little girl had been poisoned. But don’t worry! Boruto is going to save the little girl. It was in this episode that Victor and Deepa were first thought to be mysterious and there were certain suspicions about them.

boruto episode 161

Boruto Episode 162 Preview

The whole town is riled up against Boruto and his friends. They all think that he is responsible for the killing of Sakuya and they all want to capture them. Now let’s get into the details of the release of this new episode.

Boruto Episode 162 Release date

According to official anime sources, Boruto Episode 162 is set to release on 23rd August. It is known to all Boruto fans that the episodes are released every Sunday and this time won’t be an exception either. The title of Episode 162 is “Escaping the Tightening Net” which will mainly be about the escape of Team 7 and Munigo from their enemies.

Boruto Episode 162 Synopsis

It is revealed that Konohamaru is cognizant of the real purposes of Victor and also is aware of how he has evil intentions with the Hashirama Cell. Episode 162 spoilers also surprised fans by introducing them to a new villain called Deepa. This new villain works for the secret organization Kara. The episode also features a scene that includes both Deepa and Victor. They are seen making plans to create more difficulties for Team 7.

Boruto Episode 162

Where to watch Boruto Episode 162

Funimation is an online platform that streams all the English dubs of these iconic latest animes. Boruto episode 162 can be watched on this site. If you are a man of culture and prefer watching anime with their original Japanese audio, you can opt for Crunchyroll. This site streams the latest episodes of Boruto in Japanese audio along with English subtitles.
There are many other opinions regarding the choice of the streaming platform. But if you want a hassle-free anime watching experience, then we’d recommend you to watch using only the legal sites.

The wait will be over soon and you will get to see the latest episode of your favorite anime. Till then check out our articles on The Misfit of Demon Academy, One Piece, Kingdom!

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