Boruto Episode 180

Hey guys! Today in this article we are gonna talk about the brand new Boruto Episode 180. This post will consist of the release date, spoilers, and even a quick recap of the previous episode. Without further ado, let’s get started!

The Boruto anime has taken a pretty interesting turn and fans are thrilled about the next episode. Let’s get into some details now.


Boruto Episode 180: Release date

According to official anime sources, the latest Boruto episode 180 is set to release on 27th December 2020. It is known to all Boruto fans that the episodes are released every Sunday and this time won’t be an exception either.

It will be released at 5.30 p.m JST. Make sure to convert that into your local time to catch the episode at the time of its broadcast.

Boruto Episode 180: Where to watch?

Funimation is an online platform that streams all the English dubs of these iconic latest animes. You can watch the latest episode on this site. If you are a man of culture and prefer watching anime with their original Japanese audio, you can opt for Crunchyroll.

Previously on Boruto 179

Victor realizes that whenever he uses Regeneration Jutsu, additional parts of his body start to deteriorate. Earlier during the battle, he was killed by Orochimaru. Orochimaru killed him since he was the one who stole the Hashirama cell in his lab.

Victor manages to regenerate after the battle and stay hiding for a few days; now, he is up to something. He reveals that he doesn’t have much time left, and he gets inside a teleporting machine. When he appears from the other side, he said that no matter how many times he teleports through Time-Space, he can’t get used to it. He realizes that he doesn’t have a choice but to continue sticking to his plan. He heads inside his secret lab and talks to Amado.

Later on, he asks Amado about how his body is going to be. Amado comments that the regenerative ability of his is declining. It will reach a certain point when not a single part of his body will remain intact. In fact, his whole body will start facing the consequences of his deeds.

Amado offers Victor another choice i.e he could replace his parts of the body with others which will give him a new body. However, Victor does not want to do this. He wants his body to stay the same as it was.

Amado further comments that the Cursed Mark eroding is the root of all problems, even if he tries to replace all the body parts, they will soon be degraded again. He said that Victor’s hope lies in Jugen’s plan coming to fruition or has no future. Amado tries to help Victor, who told him to stay back.

The wait will be over soon and you will get to see the latest episode of your favorite anime- Boruto Episode 180. Till then check out our other articles on Omnitos! Till then read our other articles on The Mandalorian Season 3.

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