Boruto Episode 192 : Preview, Release Date, Spoilers
Boruto Episode 192 : Preview, Release Date, Spoilers

We will talk about the Boruto Episode 192: Preview, Release Date, Spoilers. “The Past,” This episode will show the sufferings Kawaki has gone through as a young boy who is different from the others.

Before being tormented by Jigen, Kawaki already had a dark history that everyone would see for the first time Naruto has successfully brought Kawaki to Konoha Village after the latter collapsed and lost consciousness.

A nightmare from his childhood will then start to disturb him, showing the dark past that he has.


Boruto Episode 191: Recap!

Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki started looking for Kawaki after he escaped the lab, following a brutal standoff with Nue. Sumire then told Nue they needed to find Kawaki, but Boruto believed the initial had no idea how dangerous Kawaki could be.

On the other hand, Kawaki was heavily bleeding because of his wound and feeling like passing out. He continuously wandered around the area to find some food to eat to regain his strength.

However, he later saw the guards, who were also looking for him. He tried to search for food from the dumpster instead and found a loaf of bread. The stray dog then came near, wanting that piece of bread, too, and so it attacked him. Kawaki managed to defeat the dog, but he later found out it was also wounded.

He decided to treat the dog’s wounded leg and became friends with it. The canine followed Kawaki, while Nue and Sumire finally tracked his whereabouts.

Sumire and Kawaki then saw each other again. Sumire noticed the sad look in Kawaki’s eyes, so he told Naruto and Team 7 that they had to know more about him and his past.

Seventh Hokage Naruto

Kawaki Sumere asks to tell her that he’s not going back, Kawaki said. He reveals that he has powers that could immediately remove this village. Kawaki was told by Sumire Lord Hokage to talk to him on his way here. Kawaki says Lord Hokage is interested in the abilities of his body.

Instead of Naruto, he thinks Sumire talks about Jigen. Kawaki said that kids or adults don’t trust him. Sumire says she knows how she doesn’t have the feeling she can trust you.

Kawaki told Sumire, by trying to act cool, to stop filing. Sumire reveals that her dad implanted a gun into her body to please her tangled feeling of vengeance. The Leaf Village was very near to destroy.

But Boruto has brought her and everyone back in the right direction. Kawaki asks her why she says this to him. Sumire answers she felt like a painful past for Kawaki. Kawaki began to feel dizzy, and Sumire wanted to inject additional energy into him.

Kawaki thinks she’s going to sleep with him. And Boruto, Mitsuki and Sarada are coming. Kawaki was told to leave Sumire by Boruto. He fought and defeated them.

They fought. Arrives Lord Seventh, and Boruto explains it all. The power explosion stopped Naruto, and the boss came Kawaki comments. Naruto speaks to Kawaki, and in Naruto’s hands, he falls asleep. All are happy that Kawaki’s rapture has been stopped by Lord Seventh.

Boruto Episode 192: Release Date

Boruto Episode 192 The date of release is set as Sunday, March 28, 2024, at 5:30 PM. As per the official anime sources.

Boruto’s New Episodes: Naruto Next Generations Manga series will be released every Sunday.

Boruto Epispode 192: Preview

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