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Hello, everyone, we have the latest news for the Boruto Fans. This article will contain major spoilers for the upcoming episodes especially new detailed one for Episode 55. Special thanks to KenXyro for Translations and YonkouProd for the scans. Here are Boruto Episode 55, 56, 57 Spoilers.

Boruto Episode 55 Scientific Ninja Tools. Release Date is 25th April

Boruto Episode 55, 56, 57

Becoming Sasuke student, Boruto’s training begins. And he perfects the Rasengan but manages a big one (using Ninja Tool), and to show his power he decided to enter Chunin exam with his mates but, All that Boruto is thinking about is for a way to one-up his father, so he asks Sasuke to help him every time he’s stuck on something with his training.

In order to show he is grown to his father, he even decided to join the Chunin exams. At that time, the Jinchuriki killer bee gets attacked by Momoshiki and the others belonging to the Otsutsuki clan who appeared from a different dimension simultaneously.

Boruto Episode 56 Rivals, assemble!! Release Date is 2nd May

Chunin exams begin at last and Genin from different villages have gathered in the hidden leaf village. Ninja from different villages is taunting each other and talking about raising the tension. The first match of the exam finally begins.

Boruto Episode 57 The Reason why I can’t lose. The release date is 9th May

The exact summary of this Episode is not available yet but it will be sort of identical to the Boruto the Movie’s story. For more updates visit here.

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