Howdy, everyone, we have the latest news for the Boruto Fans. This article will contain major spoilers for the upcoming episode. Special thanks to KenXyro for Translations and YonkouProd for the scans. Here are Boruto Episode 57 Spoilers. So, Boruto Episode 57 English Subbed was released yesterday.

Episode 57: The Reason Why I Can’t Lose. The release date is 10th May

Second Phase of the Chunin Exam begins which will result in eliminations of many as it will be a game of Capturing Flags.

Many teams (Genins) from different villages will be shown fighting. Shinki the adopted son of Gara will be a good rival for Boruto, and at last, the Boruto will be up against those genins with grey hair which were messing with him in the burger shop to get the seat.

Boruto will finally use the scientific Ninja tool to beat his opponents and win this phase. He will be using several jutsus including water, lightning, etc. He just wants to show his dad that he is powerful. That’s why he will use the scientific Ninja Tool.

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