Goku Ultra Instinct Grand Priest
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Howdy, everyone. Dragon Ball Super is not coming back for a while, at least for upcoming 2-3 months, though the fans are getting their dreams come true with the story of the promotional anime based on a Japan exclusive ‘Arcade Game’ which is going great showing a sort of ‘Universal War’.

In this article, we will talk about the Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Watch it in Japanese and English sub.

Where to watch Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10? and when is its Release Date?

Episode 10 Release date is currently scheduled for Mid April, the exact date is not yet confirmed, we will update you as soon as the air date releases.

We advise you all to use Official sources to watch the Dragon Ball Heroes to support it, here is a link to Official Site where you can watch it in Japanese.

If you want to watch the latest Episode in English Sub it will be translated by Terez27 and will be posted here.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 10 Synopsis/Spoilers

Episode 10 is titled “Counterattack! Fierce Attack! Goku and Vegeta! Our counterattack begins.”

Translated by Sailorspazz: SDBH #10: Utilizing Ultra Instinct Omen, Gokuu unleashes a fierce attack against the Core Area warriors. Having been caught off guard and absorbed by Oren before, Vegeta trembles in fury. Will they be able to stage a counterattack against these limitless foes?

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