Goku Grand Priest

Hello, everyone. We all are waiting for Dragon Ball Super to come but we are really satisfied with the story of Dragon Ball Heroes (a promotional anime for Japanese Arcade game) and we all would have loved if this arc would have been in DBS. While it is not related to Super, DBH is unique and really fun to watch. We will share spoilers of this episode as soon as they come out.

Episode 9 is titled “Goku’s Revival. The clash of the strongest and the strongest.”

Dragon Ball Heroes’ unique story is difficult to come in Super anime but the execution is always sub-par just because of maybe time constraints. We see Universal villains who are really powerful with huge power levels and a Universal seed which can create the entire Universe, the main villain Harts want to build a world with no gods. He can use powers of Universal seed, increasing gravity and he has the power of reading minds.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 will release in March. The exact date is not yet confirmed.

Where can you watch Dragon Ball Heroes latest Episodes Officially?

We advise you all to use Official sources to watch the DBH Episode 8 to support it, here is a link to Official Site Carddass.

Goku got disappeared after Episode 6 after his great fight with Cumber when the Prison Planet exploded. Now Goku is in the giant Squid like realm with the Grand Priest wearing the clothing of the Grand Priest (one of top 5 strongest powers in the entire multiverse), ready to train with him which is a big cliffhanger. Jiren vs Cumber and Goku training with Grand Priest are major cliff hangers which we will see next month in Episode 9.

Presumably speaking Jiren might beat Cumber. Let’s see with whom we will see trained Goku fight.  What will Goku get from Grand Priest and why is Grand Priest training him and not fighting villains himself instead. We will get answers in the next Episode of Heroes.

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