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The whole of the Dragon Ball Community is waiting for ‘Dragon Ball Super‘ to come back, earlier Geekdom Confirmed it that it is in pre-production and will come back in July.

We might get a Teaser to the Dragon Ball Super 2 by next week somewhere in between April 20th – April 28th being Anniversary to Dragon Ball Z as tweeted by Anime TV Japan.

So, stay tuned for the news of Super. TOEI denying earlier is just a cover-up.


When is Dragon Ball Super Anime Returning?

Dragon Ball super scheduled come back as per rumors is in July 2019.

A weekly Dragon Ball anime will launch and as far as we know it will continue to be called Dragon Ball super as there was a private license event in Italy.

When will new Dragon Ball Super anime become Official?

Many of you are asking when the ‘Official Announcement’ for this is coming.

We can’t give you a definitive answer on that.

But the suspected time we’re gonna get an official announcement is probably between April 26th, 27th or 28th.

Which is right around the time that we had the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z.

Right around the time when Dragon Ball Super the first season in 2015 got announced.

What will be the New Arc with which Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will start?

They’re doing the Moro (galaxy petrol arc which is in Manga right now) or it could be the story following the Moro arc or could be completely different.

We will get this information soon.

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What about Dragon Ball Heroes Promotional Anime?

Now those of you asking about Dragon Ball heroes as far as we know Dragon Ball Heroes will continue (Latest Episode will be the DBH Episode 10 on April 18, 2019).

The promotional anime is still gonna be coming out as Dragon Ball super is airing.

We don’t have a schedule on it becoming a full-time anime like that super will be the full-time anime.

Heroes still gonna be there to promote the Japanese arcade game of course.

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