Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Release Date, Spoilers, Gas vs Saiyans

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 will feature Gas vs Saiyans. DBS Chapter 78 Release Date is November 20, 2024. Some spoilers were released.

In the last chapter, it was shown how Goku’s father Bardock saved the last Survivors including Granola and his mother, and later it is revealed that Heeters killed his mother, and Gas (One of the heeters) was not able to eliminate Bardock. Now in the present day, the Heeters are searching for Dragon Balls as a backup plan if Gas loses.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Release Time is 11:59:59 PM Japan Standard Time JST on November 20, 2024. You can calculate the exact time based on your own time zone and the JST.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Spoiler Status: Some panels and spoilers got released by DBSHype Twitter. It seems fight with the real villains starts now.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Manga

The New Chapter 78 would have a title: “Gas’s Wish”.

It seems the Saiyans that is Goku and Vegeta, and Granola will fight together against Gas. Also, how powerful is Gas? What kind of training did he do?

And in the last panel of chapter 78, the Heeters finally summon the wish-fulfilling Dragon, using those 2 dragon balls. What wish would Elec (One of Heeters) possibly ask for from the Dragon?

There might be many questions in your mind like: How powerful is Gas? and how did he reach such potential? What would they wish from the Dragon summoned at the end of chapter 78? How will Goku, Vegeta, and Granola together will be no match for this villain? How data from OG73i will play a major role?

After learning more about the history of what happened on Planet Cereal from the left old Namekian, What does this mean for Granolah moving forward now that he knows about what the Heeters did? Will Granolah continue to fight for the right purpose now? Or will another unexpected event occur? Could DBS Manga Chapter 78 open more doors to endless possibilities down the road?

The Dragon Ball Super manga started its serialization in June 2015. The anime adaption premiered 3 years later in 2018. Later that year, in December a sequel movie titled ” Dragon Ball Super: Broly” was released. This movie was a huge success and it also became the highest-earning film of the Dragon Ball series. On 9th May 2024, Toei Animation declared that a new Dragon Ball Super movie titled “ Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie” will be released in theatres in 2024. The DBS anime may resume sooner too, stay tuned for that on Omnitos.

The Dragon Ball Super Series is live on Shueisha’s V Jump monthly magazine in Japan and the latest chapter will be Chapter 78, and the Viz Media and Mangaplus are publishing it in their Shonen Jump digital magazine in the United States and can be read from any other country through their websites in English, Spanish.

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