Dragon Ball Super Returning in July 2019
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Howdy, everyone. The rumors of Dragon Ball super return have been running rampant since well the series finale one year ago and now after Dragon Ball super brolly has had a theatrical run.

Dragon Ball super is indeed back in production. Report and information sourced by Geekdom 101 Youtube.

Update: Apparently, there were all rumors from that Anime tv Account and even by others, we are sorry for the misinformation. “Super will return this year but not in July.” Continue reading for the information we got and speculation.

Now as we approach the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z, we have good news that Dragon Ball super is indeed back in production and has been in it since October of 2018 or possibly late September.

Now, we are releasing this information early so until there’s an official announcement please understand that things may change or may be a bit different when everything goes down.


When is Dragon Ball Super Returning?

Dragon Ball super is scheduled to come back to the airwaves in July 2019 which is confirmed, a weekly Dragon Ball anime will launch and as far as we know it will continue to be called Dragon Ball super.

If you remember a few weeks ago a story broke about Toei trying to sell these episodes to licensers at the various different industry Expos, the return of Dragon Ball super to TV has been discussed and talked about since last year September of 2018, that’s when production actually began, of course, that was pre-production.

Now why do pre-production begin so long ago well there are obvious answers because they don’t want another episode 5 where the production falls apart, so they’re gonna give the show a much longer pre-production schedule so that all the animators and staff can have everything lined up and perfect and they don’t have to rush to get the series out. That would just increase the quality of this returning series.

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When will it be Officially Announced?

now we are sure many of you are asking when the ‘Official Announcement’ for this is coming, we can’t give you a definitive answer on that but the suspected time we’re gonna get an official announcement is probably between April 26th, 27th or 28th which is right around the time that we had the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z and right around the time that Dragon Ball super the first part of the series in 2015 was announced.

We are suspecting it’ll be around that time but don’t hold us to that because we are not a hundred percent sure.

What will be the Time Slot of Super as Kitaro replaced it?

Now another question we are probably gonna see is- What about Kitaro? They just renewed it for a second season, it’s gonna continue going, we don’t have an answer as far as the timeslot goes for Kitaro or Dragon Ball Super in Japan perhaps Dragon Ball super will be on a new timeslot.

However, it seems more likely based on what is heard that ‘Kitaro’ will be moving time slots.

How will be the Quality of the Animation of Returning DBS

Now, here we are in March and we can tell you confidently that multiple sources have confirmed that the series is being animated right now, as we speak they were in the storyboard face throughout the early part of 2019 but now they have moved on to animation and you’re probably wondering, well, how is it gonna look? Is Shintani coming back? The answer is yes.

He does Shintani sheets are gonna be used for Dragon Ball super returning TV series, so it’ll look a lot more a dragon ball super broadly and less like the Yamamura version of Dragon Ball super but that being said it doesn’t necessarily mean that the show is gonna look as good as the DBS Broly the movie.

Maybe some of the more intense episodes will or come close to it because the Broly movie has way too much of a higher budget but the series will still look astronomically better or at least a little bit better than the original Dragon Ball super did with Shintani sheets

But we can of course expect all of our great animators that worked on the previous Dragon Ball super episodes and movies to at least come back to do a few episodes so it will be kind of like a mixed bag where we’re gonna get the animators all coming in doing different stuff as they did with the old super so we’ll have a lot of variety there.

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What about Dragon Ball Heroes Promotional Anime?

Now those of you asking about Dragon Ball heroes as far as we know Dragon Ball Heroes will continue (Latest Episode will be the DBH Episode 10), so the promotional anime is still gonna be coming out as Dragon Ball super is airing, so we don’t have a schedule on it becoming a full-time anime like that super will be the full-time anime and heroes they’re still gonna be there to promote the Japanese arcade game of course.

What will be the New Arc with which Dragon Ball Super start?

Now another question that might come up is what’s up with the ark so we’re gonna get a Broly retelling as far as I’ve seen as far as I’ve been told know the Broly movie is not going to be retold however don’t quote me on that because I’m not a hundred percent sure because different people have said different things.

One person actually stated that the staff is following them on was the quote that Geekdom was given and when you talk about following that could mean like that they’re doing the Moro (galaxy petrol arc which is in Manga right now) or it could be the story following the Moro arc.

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Will they start the Dubbed version production at the same time as Subbed?

We’ll get that when the announcement of the series occurs. When it comes back but we are expecting Super to remain with the current team, that’s been working on it just now and more time, so it should look a lot better.

Geekdom101 said as far as the English dub goes we have no idea what’s gonna happen with that if they’re gonna begin dubbing it right away or they’re going to wait until next year.

The good news is ‘Dragon Ball super is set to return in July of 2019’ but you never know of changes, so until we have the Official Announcement, let’s just wait but we are suspecting that to be at the end of April by Toei Animation.

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