Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie 2024

Today we will be discussing Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie 2024 Characters, Story, Release Date. After the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the series had taken a little bit of a break and relied mostly on the manga. On 9th May 2024 aka Goku day, Toei Animation declared that a new Dragon Ball Super movie will be released in theatres in 2024. The official title of the film was disclosed at the Dragon Ball Special panel at Comic-Con@Home this year. The film is titled “  Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie”.

The new movie will be the twenty-first film in the Dragon Ball series and also will be the second Dragon Ball Super movie. The script of the new Dragon Ball Movie 2024 will be written by the creator of the series Akira Toriyama himself. Toriyama will also be in charge of the illustrations. Since Toriyama himself is so much involved in the movie it seems that we are up for a power-packed ride. The production of the new Dragon Ball Movie started even before the 2018 movie had come out. Keep reading to know more about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie 2024 Characters, Story, Release Date.


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie 2024 Characters

Dragon Ball Movie 2024 In the 2018 movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly we found out that Broly survived the movie and so did Freiza. This obviously means that Toriyama has more packed up for these characters. During the hype train behind Dragon Ball Super Broly, we found out that Toriyama had submitted enough of a story that it could have been made into a three-hour film. This means that Toriyama has a lot of ideas and concepts that were left out from Dragon Ball Super: Broly. This may include things that he wanted to incorporate but just couldn’t do so. He might include these in the new movie which is set to release next year.

Toriyama’s comment about the upcoming movie had stirred up a lot of controversial rumours. Toriyama stated that ” Just like the previous movie, I am heavily leading the story and dialogue production of for another amazing film”. He explained that the movie would feature a slightly unexpected character.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie 2024 Characters Story

The timeline of the movie is not exactly clear. But we see that Goku’s granddaughter Pan is in kindergarten. This shows that she is older than she was in Dragon Ball Z where she was still a toddler. She is the daughter of Gohan and Videl.  Akiyo Ikoyu, the executive producer from Shueisha has hinted that Gohan’s superhero alter-ego, Saiyaman might return. The 2024 Movie will focus more on Pan who is an extremely confident child. Her dream is to become big and strong and save the world just like her grandfather. In addition to Pan, the story will also focus on Krillin and Piccolo. Krillin is the most prominent full-blood human character of the series.  Piccolo is a Namekian and also the final child and reincarnation of the Demon King Piccolo.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie 2024 Release Date

The exact release date of the new movie hasn’t been confirmed yet. So far we only know that the movie will come out by 2024. Since there is a deadly pandemic going on, it will come as no surprise if the release date is pushed back to later next year or even the year after that. Like most anime movies, the Dragon Ball movie will also initially release in Japan before any other country. The trailer of the movie has not been released yet but you can check out the short teaser that has already come out below.

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