Everything to know about Law School Release date, Cast, Genre

New drama alert! You all thought that with Hello, Me! and Sisyphus coming to end this month, we will just be left with Vincenzo to watch but JTBC has got our back. JTBC is also making sure that we get quality k-dramas back to back even on Netflix. I am talking about the soon-to-be-released drama Law School. We are here to get prepared for the drama.

Fun fact: Law School will be the very first drama that would be based on law school in South Korea.


The release date of Law School

It will be released on 14th April 2024. We are only a few days away from the first episode.

The run time and schedule of Law School

Run time for this drama is decided to be 1hr. 10 mins for every episode. This a weekly drama with two episodes releasing every week on Wednesday and Thursday.

Total no. of episodes in Law School

There will total of 16 episodes. If there is no delay in its episode release schedule, we shall be done with the drama by May 27th, 2024.

Where to watch Law School?

The drama will be available on Netflix and originally on JTBC on the time slot of 21:00, which was previously occupied by Sisyphus the myth.

About Law School

Also, know as Loseukul.

This drama is written by Seo In.

Directed by Kim Seok Yoon.

This drama is executively produced by Kim Ji Youn.

OG producers involved are Kim Seok Yoon and Choi Sai Rack

Law School’s production companies are JTBC studios, Studio Phoenix and Gonggamdong House. 

Trailer of Law School

The trailer released recently on youtube on the official Netflix channel.

The cast of Law School

Main cast members

Kim Myung Min as YAng Jong Hoon, who is a former prosecutor and now a professor and teaches criminal law.

Kim Bum as Han Joon Hwi, a first-year student who is a topper.

Ryu Hye Young as Kang Sol, a first-year student who entered law school via special admission.

Law School- female lead

Lee Jung Eun as Kim Eun Sook, a former judge who is now a Professor who reached civil law.

Supporting cast members

Lee Soo Kyung as Kang Sol, a first-year student

Lee David as Seo Ji Ho

Go Yoon Jung as Jeon Ye Seul

Hyun Woo as Yoo Seung Jae, a former medical student who turned to law school.

Gil Hae Yeon as Oh Jung Hee.

Oh Man Seok as Kang joo Man

The genre of Law School

Law School will be counted under legal/law, Mystery, and drama genres.

The storyline/synopsis

The basic story is that students and faculty of South Korea’s top law school become involved in a highly unusual case.

Yang Jong Hoon is a criminal law professor and does not compromise when to comes to going strict with his students because he wants nothing but quality juniors in the prosecution or the law field.  Professor Kim Eun Sook is the only one to whom he could talk openly.

Han Joon Hwi is a fresher in college and is at the top of everything, grades, looks, and charms. He is playing a perfect man with all leadership qualities in the drama but there is an air of secrecy that remains well hidden.

Law School male lead

Kang Sol is also a fresher who came via special admission and is from a humble background. She feels ashamed as everyone around her is of wealthy and smart background. But she is there to learn and slowly learns about the legal profession. Her passion truly inspires her and will enlighten her to be a good lawyer.

Kim Eun Sook is a civil law professor who was once the head of the law school’s free legal clinic. Known for being a highly relatable professor, she is the sole colleague Yang Jong Hoon dares to confide in.