The growing opioid epidemic in the United States is fed by several drugs. Some drugs may come from legitimate prescriptions, while others are manufactured and sold on the streets. Then there are also legitimate prescriptions that are sold on the streets, multiplying their dangers.

Opioids have been overprescribed in recent years fueling the massive epidemic in this country. As a result, millions of people are living as addicts, and large numbers are dying every day from overdoses.

Perk pills are part of the problem. They are a strong prescription opioid that has been overused, mishandled, and prescribed far too often despite the dangers they hold. Unsuspecting people overdose on perk pills every day. They incorrectly assume the pills are safe because they often have a prescription from a doctor. Unfortunately, people are the most vulnerable when they let their guard down, and they can easily end up addicted to this dangerous drug.

Here’s what you need to know about the dangerous pills known as perks.


What are perks?


Perks are the street name for a prescription pain reliever known as Percocet. The active ingredients in Percocet are oxycodone and acetaminophen. This powerful opioid pain reliever is classified as a Schedule 2 controlled substance by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) because of its high potential for abuse and addiction. Perks are used to treat moderate to severe pain, especially following surgery, or a serious physical injury. They are also used to manage chronic pain around the clock.

Perks are available in different strengths which are prescribed according to the level of pain. Percocet is the brand name for the generic medication known as oxycodone, and it is only available with a prescription. Perks should only be taken as directed under close medical supervision to help minimize associated risks. Even then, patients can become physically dependent on the drug.

Common Available Forms

The most common form of perks is oral tablets that include acetaminophen. They are taken orally with or without food every 6 hours or so. Sometimes perks come in capsule form without the acetaminophen, but this is less common as the potential for abuse is even higher. People who have trouble swallowing pills can also get Percocet in liquid form as a suspension.

How does it work?


Perks, or oxycodone, works by binding to receptors in the brain and nervous system. They mimic the natural endorphins produced by the body to combat inflammation and pain. While they are highly effective at pain management, prolonged use encourages the body to produce less of its own natural endorphins resulting in physical dependence. At this point, it takes more of the drug to achieve the desired effect, and the risk of addiction is high.

Get Help for Perk Pills Today

Perk pills are highly effective at managing moderate to severe pain, but they are also highly addictive and produce dangerous side effects. Nobody is immune to the dangers of Percocet painkillers, even if they have a prescription. If you or a loved one have become physically dependent or completely addicted to Percocet painkillers, you are not alone, but you may be in danger. Partner with a reliable drug detox and rehabilitation program to take back control of your life and stop abusing prescription painkillers. This medication is only meant to be taken for a short time and under the close supervision of a licensed doctor. You don’t have to go through this alone. If you’ve been abusing perk pills, get help for your addiction today.