Final Fantasy VII Remake

Well to answer this we have to say Yes, you heard right. Final Fantasy takes a step ahead to bring Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS5 with some major updates. Not only that we heard that Sony is planning to add this game to the list of free games on (PS Plus)PS4.

While the news is exciting, this makes some players raising their heads. Because this game is still worth between 30-50$ in some stores. We can expect a huge number of downloads for this game for sure. This leads to an increase in the game fanbase. But, this is a very risky and as well as rewarding move taken by Square Enix.

This remake is not a huge change but with subtle changes in the game. Yeah, only classic fans can notice this difference not everyone likes new players.

Final Fantasy VII Remake


Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date 

Final Fantasy Vll Remake is going to release on June 10, 2023, for PS5. While some of the Ps4 owners of the game will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for free. They also promise in addition to that all your saved data will rest assured. PS5 version will improve the game lighting, texture, and environment along with new features.

You can play this game in 4K graphics at 60fps. But, this free upgrade will be applied to those who have purchased the game and not the ones who will get it for PS4. So they are technically not the same. Just the PS5 upgrade is going to be great.

Again, there is some disappointing news. if you are a fan of enjoying your PS5 to its fullest then this upgrade won’t help. In an interview co-director of the game states that if you want to use the full potential then you have to wait for the next game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

PS5 Update

As discussed earlier the announcement of this game. Square Enix announces the PS5 edition of this game will feature brand new story content and a new character with Yuffie. The game will be named Final Fantasy Vll Remake Intergrade. Intergrade is the name of the DLC pack, in this game Yuffie will travel to Midgar for her own mission.

While this mission to steal the materials from the Shinra Power Company. Fans are confused with this decision, while everyone thinks that if they have a new storyline then they will bring a new game. Two of the decisions not only made fans sad but also happy since this is the original game and finally their demands are satisfied. Though the remake is announced in 2015 it took 5 more years to release this game.

Again to surprise, this is only the first part second part is still unknown for all. There are a lot of rumors and speculations about the second part over the internet.

Final Verdict  

There is both good and bad news for the fans in the announcements made by Square Enix. As the decision is a bit surprising for the fans but, they will get the excitement about going back to Midgar with a fan-favorite character. Gamers who never played this game are also excited to play this.

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