Final Fantasy XIV Amazing Korean Short Revealed
Final Fantasy XIV Amazing Korean Short Revealed

Final Fantasy XIV fans, good news for you to have a fantastic animated short of the game. After all, there are millions of fans for this massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Now the game is hitting roofs with the added animated short.

Though this a 2-minute beautiful clip of Miqo’te player walking around the map of the Final Fantasy game. Who seems to be exploring all the numerous features provided in the game. While this animated short is posted to the official Korean YouTube channel of Square Enix. This video recreates the gameplay in just 2 minutes.

Final Fantasy XIV

The player walking around saw, there are tons of other people who are doing their things. So, he realizes that he could also do the same thing. The location where the player is roaming is Limsa Lominsa, which is a very popular area. While the viewers who watch the game states that it correctly captured the entire vibe and essence of the beautiful location.

Just watch that short video, you will come across players doing the same things they would do in the real game. This makes this more enjoyable, you make people swinging about swords, popping a few dance moves, and even busy crafting.

If you want to know more about this game, let’s start our discussion.

Final Fantasy XIV Game

MMORPG developed this game, while Square Enix published this game, the ones who are also behind the many popular games like Hitman and Just Cause. This is released back in 2013 for PS3 and Microsoft Windows. This is redemption for developers to gain themself after the fall of their game in 2010.

This game features an amazing world, which is Eorzea. Where you can interact with the players in many ways. As this game is from MMORPG, you will get lost your mind in a fictional world for hours. As there are countless things in this game you can do daily.

Players are also provided with the feature to design their own character. The main aim behind the game is to level your character, which will be done by collecting experience points.

Final Fantasy XIV

In order to gain these experience points, there are many ways. But, they will explore some dangerous and exciting dungeons. Also, includes defeating some powerful monster that lurks around the open world. You can also complete quests and can complete full active time events.

This game will also come with a plot to it and can be lived through with the help of the mention quests. Where these will be given to us by non-player characters and they will yield you experience point in the end. But, this plot took place after five years from the previous game which is not successful. If you are a fan of this game, please check this short animated video.

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