Ghosts of the Deep for Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is rightfully considered one of the best MMO shooter games that offers players to explore space, resist alien invasions, go through the storyline and fight other players against each other and team up to destroy raid bosses.

Raids are special game zones where players need to team up in a battle group, go inside and defeat the boss with his retinue right into the monster’s lair. As trophies, you can get experience and various equipment, including the legendary, which is difficult to get in any other way.

The new raid is timed to coincide with the release of the new season and is called Ghosts of the Deep.

As part of the new season, you can complete various tasks and advance in the proposed rewards and gradually even come to a new poster rifle.

The raid will not be easy, and often many players approach new dungeons with poor equipment, or without enough allies, to guarantee that they will complete the dungeon, and not just spend a lot of time going nowhere.


You can contact the Skycoach service and order the Ghosts of the Deep Carry service – professional players are guaranteed to pass the raid for you and can do it in one of two ways:

  1. Join a battle group consisting of professional players and follow the raid leader’s commands to come to victory over the boss and collect all the rewards on your own, including experience – at the key moment, all allies will scatter so that all potential experience goes only to your hero.
  2. Transfer the account to a service representative so that professional Skycoach players complete the raid without your participation. The status of the order can be tracked in real time on the service website, and immediately after receiving the notification of completion, you need to log into your account and look at the drop that you managed to receive. Most importantly, do not forget to change your password, since Skycoach guarantees are only valid for the duration of the services.


Main rewards and new weapons in the Ghosts of the Deep raid for Destiny 2



The most valuable weapon will be the Strand Trace Rifle – this is a full-fledged tracer rifle, which is distinguished by two important skills at once:

  1. The ability to shoot at an ally and thus enhance the parameters of your player and the player in which it was produced.
  2. A perk that allows you to deal stable damage to a single target and ignore its armor, which will help both in PVE and raids, and in PVP mode for fighting tanks as well.

The rifle is a great addition to the equipment of the Warlock, who specializes in healing and buffing allies.

Lightfall raid weapon pool

Since with the release of the Lightfall update in Destiny 2, a new subclass format appeared- a stand, then some of the new weapons will be tied to this particular strengthening specialization.

All weapons are made in white and blue tones and have a common bonus enhancement regardless of specialization – Restoration Ritual.

This boost allows you to instantly reload a weapon and reload the cooldown of this skill even in the process of combat, or vice versa rest when not firing.

As part of the Ghosts of the Deep raid, you can get:

  • Rocket launcher
  • Grenade launcher
  • Glaive
  • Submachine gun

Rocket launcher

Rocket launcher

One of the most powerful types of weapons, because it allows you to deal heavy damage, which is difficult to resist in direct combat.

Of the useful perks, you can significantly reduce the damage from departing missiles, but increase the flight speed and reload time and turn a slow but powerful rocket launcher into a full-fledged grenade launcher, which in a few seconds will cover the enemy’s key points with quite strong damage due to the number of missiles fired.

The second perk option is to increase the number of missiles and reload speed, but again reduce the overall damage and spread from missiles.

At the same time, you can go the other way and develop weapons in the direction of artillery – pump the enemy’s slowdown from contact with missiles, or the shrapnel effect, when additional damage is scattered from the epicenter of the explosion.

Grenade launcher

Fires a slow projectile that, after landing on a target or on the ground near nearby enemies, will scatter additional damage and a slow effect on all opponents.

Of the interesting perks, one can single out the demolitionist – increased damage to all enemies and explosion effects and ruthlessness – when a grenade from a grenade launcher hits several targets at once, you will receive a regeneration effect.



Glaive uses the power of the sun instead of the Stand and allows you to use unique attack and defense mechanics at the same time.

The player can put up a defensive shield and accumulate energy from absorbed damage for a future counterattack and increase their offensive potential in the future.

Submachine gun

One of the most situational weapons in terms of its structure, the submachine gun always has a high rate of fire, but low damage and accuracy.

The new version of the submachine gun, which will be obtained as part of the current raid, will have several important perks that will bring this weapon to the top of the most requested weapons in the Lightfall update.

You can significantly increase your attack speed and increase overall accuracy for your character’s finishing abilities.

Conclusions on Ghosts of the Deep for Destiny 2

The new raid and the season will bring several good types of weapons to Destiny 2 at once, which have not been in the top in terms of popularity on the project for a long time – a submachine gun and a support rifle stand.

By completing tasks and quests, you can get closer to obtaining a rifle, emblem and title, which will mark that you are taking part in Ghosts of the Deep and making significant progress in the current season.

New weapons always make a big difference in PvE and PvP, and there is always some time when there is no point balance in the period of tracking January favorites.

Therefore, an active game always pays dividends at the beginning. Even if for some reason you don’t get to the kinetic rifle, then even upgrading the rocket launcher or submachine gun will already noticeably strengthen your hero.

Nice cooldown perks can have the advantage of combat speed and reaction to changing environments on characters that will ignore the new season and continue playing the old ways.

The Stand is still a new subclass, and the developers of Destiny 2 continue to experiment with the new product, and it’s worth acquiring new weapons in the first couple.