Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla vs Kong, which seems very monstrous in the city. We have never seen such powerful fighters when the first trailer is out. You should have this question in mind, that why they are fighting against each other. Also, we don’t know who will win but social media reports draw a line between them.

To the question about why they are fighting each other, the trailer offers some clues by linking the movies. In the previous films Godzilla in the canon, a giant robot is introduced.

After the trailer, it looks like Godzilla is a threat to humans and so they called King Kong to help them. So the kong fights with Godzilla, whether it will win or not. One more question in our minds is that why Godzilla acting up in the first place?. This is the same entity that saves the planet in previous movies, right ?. Well for that we have to blame humans as they are stupid.

Godzilla vs Kong

Real Villain of Godzilla vs Kong

To find out the real villain of the movie, Ren Serizawa who is the son of Ishiro Serizawa. He was killed in previous movies in-order to save Godzilla from the nuclear bomb. So Ren is not on Godzilla’s side as he blames the monster for Ishiro’s death. As evidenced by what is on the screen right behind him in a quick shot from the trailer. Which is Mechagodzilla, a machine that is crafted to combat Godzilla.

So, here are a couple of reasons, why it could be a real villain. Mechagodzilla might destroy cities to make Godzilla bad in the movie?. The actions of Mechagodzilla seem to impact humans or even it might be created to take revenge against Godzilla for the death of Rens dad.

Millie Bobby Brown ends up with special love for Godzilla and the thought of seeing Mechagodzilla and Godzilla fighting each other. As someone needs to control the Mechagodzilla, whether you might see him as a hero or villain.

One thing is for sure, Kong and Godzilla are not going to kill each other. When Godzilla stirred up and acts out os going to get the attention of both and then uniting both to save the planet earth or from humans. You can wonder if these animals help after all that we did to these animals?. We should thank them in advance.

What do you think? Ren Serizawa will be the real villain for the film Godzilla vs Kong or the story will give a different twist. If you want to find out what will happen, you have to wait for the movie and watch it.

Here is the link for the trailer: Trailer official

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